Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Falling in love with bread making

Not only I am falling in love with bread making but I am also in love with the 5C dough. The assortment buns are baked using the 5c dough while the cinnamon buns are using a direct dough recipe from Carol's bread book.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birthday cake for him

A birthday cake I have baked for my hubby. Wishing him good health and stay happy! This is a Charcoal cream cheese roll cake. Verdict from my children except my elder boy is good. My elder boy just refuse to take the cake after hearing the name Charcoal..... =) And this is the cross section of the cake. My first attempt of a roll cake

Sunday, May 29, 2011

5c bread

Yield very soft bread. A must try if you are into bread making.

Starter dough ( can keep for at least 3 days. so long dough did not turn to greyish colour it can still be used)

300gm bread flour
300gm water
1g instant yeast
1) mix all the above till well cooperated and rest dough for 1hr at room temp covered. After an hr placed in the fridge for at least 16hrs and ready to use.

Sweet bread dough (yield abt 18-20pcs)
360gm bread flour
125 gm sugar ( I reduce to 90gm)
20g fresh yeast ( divide fresh yeast amt by 3 to get instant yeast required @ 6.5)
6gm salt
60gm water
75g egg
60g butter
25g honey
400gm starter dough
1) mixed all ingredient except butter to form a stretchable dough. add butter and continue to knead till stretchy and pass the window test
2)first proofing @ 40mins
3) cut dough to @60gm each, make round and rest for 20mins (possible covered)
4) make into desirable shape or wrap filling
5) rest for abt 30mins or double its size
6) egg wash and baked at 200c for 12mins

* additional steps i took is to 'feed' the yeast by dissolving yeast with some sugar in warm water (30c) for 5mins

Cheese chiffon 起司戚风蛋糕

Recipe from 一定要学会的经典烘焙 (吴娟宁 page 40)
Set A
90g fresh milk
60g butter
30g cream cheese
10g parmesans cheese
20g sugar
1/4 tsp salt
100g cake flour
80g egg yolks

Set B
175g egg whites
60g sugar
10g lemon juice

1) bring cream cheese to room temp
2) double boil set (A) milk. butter, cream cheese, salt, parmesans cheese till well combine
3) add flour
4) add egg yolk to form a batter
5) Prepare Set (B), whisk white, sugar and lemon juice till stiff peak
6) take 1/3 of (5) and blend with(4)
7) pour (6) into the rest of the white and blend
8) pour batter into 8' baking pan and baked at 180c for 25-30 mins till golden brown
9) invert pan when baked and unmould after total cool.
10) best serve after fridge for at least 2 hrs
* I used 6 eggs (90g yolk, 195g whites)
* I reduce sugar by 10gm

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Variety of bakes (3)

How about some bread..sausgae buns, otah buns and chicken floss bun

Variety of Bakes (2)

Baked for SY birthday

For my brother birthday
Turn some into cuppies and small cake

Variety of bakes (1)

Ok...publishing my long list of bakes.....

A spongebob cake for my girl classmate Ian on his birthday

Marble butter cake

A sponge cake for mango mousse cake

One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to BakerTan from Baking Library and Annann from 人生加油站 for dedicating the award to me. 谢谢你们!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cartoon Bao: Doraemon, Kitty and Elmo

Are they cute? I bought the book because of the cute cartoon character found in it. Make an attempt and the children love it. Chocolate filling

Lotus filling

How to make the whisker =)

The remaining of the red dough used to make the nose has turn into Elmo =)

Recipe from Mr Lee Kian Seng (Chinese Buns 包好吃)

Set (A)

300gm Hong Kong Flour

5g instant yeast

5g baking powder

70g sugar * I reduce to 55g

3g shortening

120ml water

some blue & red colouring

black sesame


400g chocolate cream *or any filling you would like to have


1) mix Set (A) except colouring, knead till smooth.

2) prepare blue/white/red dough. * better to use a water base colour and knead into dough.

3) prepare a smaller white and a bigger blue dough. Flatten the dough with rolling pin. wrapped filling with the white facing out and sealed. roll smaller white for eye and red for nose. Then use a tweezers to make the whisker and stick sesame seeds

4) let rest for 30mins

5) steam over high heat for 5mins

Bento #11 and Doggie Bone bun

I was attraced by the look of the doggie bone bun when I came across Carol's blog. But mine turn out of shape...but I have fun making it =) The next morning I pack this for my girl for her to bring to school.

Honey Bun

I saw this piggy burger from a bento book I bought recently and decided to embark on it. So in order to make that set of bento I need to have small bun. As usual, I started to surf many food blogs and decided to bake this since I have all the ingredients in the fridge. Recipe from 星厨房 Honey Bun.

300g bread flour

30g egg

45g honey

3g salt

5g instant yeast

165g milk

30g butter


1) mixed all ingredient except butter

2) make into a stretchable dough and placed in butter

3) pass the window test and allow 60mins for 1st proofing or double its size

4) press the dough to allow air to be released and cut into required size and rest for 10mins

5) Wrap filling into dough ( I omit this step since I making plain bun)

6) 2nd proofing for 40mins

7) egg wash the bun

8) baked at 150c for 20mins

Bento #10

Bento #9

Bento #8

Bento #7

Bento #6

Getting lazy

Oh.... for more then a month I did not log on to my blog!!! Sign of laziness....on the other hand I am so into facebook..... as a result I am neglecting my blog....aiya...getting no discipline....

Anyway during these absence period, I'm still very much into baking...something which I can't stop totally =) just that I bake lesser these days and bake mostly during weekends.

I am also into bento making for my girl . This is not an easy task but I try my best to learn from blogs and books. I hope I can sustain this 'bentoing' but for how long I have no idea....cos I have to wake up as early as 5am then rush everything by 630am and to leave home by 645am.....rushing like mad right? But when my girl and boy told me that they love the food I prepared for them...I think its just worth it =)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egg White Steam Rainbow Cake

I have plenty of egg whites left from my baking of lapis. I google for egg white recipe and this rainbow cake from bisousatoi caught my attention immediately. Ms Rima who is the owner of the said site has many recipes which I can't help but keep browsing through it. You can see how fluffy her rainbow cake is by checking out at the link.

Er...but mine turn out to be kueh...wonder if it could be due to the following reasons

1) water dripped into the batter while steaming?Am using high flame for steaming?
2) I have omitted ovalette and egg whites batter got deflated?
3) I have reduce the sugar by 50gm. sugar not enough? ( But 275gm of sugar is still too sweet to my liking)
4) Can see a bum at the Mocca layer??? Trapped air bubble?
5) Recipe call for 8' sq tin but I used 8' round tin. too small?

Hee...will need expert to troubleshoot for me =)

Overall the cake still taste good if not for the dense texture. I find it taste like 九层糕 .
Close up view of the cake texture. Mocca layer still taste fluffy. The worst layer is the strawberry

Recipe from Bisousatoi

500ml egg white
325g caster sugar
1tbsp of ovalette
1/2 tsp of salt
100ml evaporated milk
50g melted butter or oil
1tsp of baking powder
200g flour
50g corn flour
25g milk powder
1tsp vanilla essence
1tsp strawberry paste
1tsp lemon paste
1tsp mocca paste
1stp pandan paste
1. Whisk egg white, sugar, salt , ovalette till light and fluffy (abt 10 mins)
2. Sift flour, corn flour, milk powder, baking powder and put it aside
3. Mix melted butter and evaporated milk and put it aside
4. Add in vanilla essence
5. Add in siged flour a litte at a time
6. Divide batter into 4 parts ( 320g each) and add each paste to each part
7. Prepare steamer ., greased a 8x8inch square tin
8. Steam 7 mins for each layer, come to the last layer, steamed for 15mins , let it cool, unmould and slice.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 CNY bakes

This is the 3rd year I'm making this Kueh/ Kek Lapis. Using Richard Goh recipe

Pineapple Tarts a must have for Chinese New Year too. This year I bought Phoon Huat Pineapple filling to try out. Not bad too. There are two type of filling at the shop but was told the $5.05 is nicer.
First time trying out this cornflakes cookies. Easy and yummy. With the help of my 3 rascals I have complete the task quite fast. Only thing is having to clear the mess on the floor thereafter.