Saturday, August 28, 2010

All Bananas.........

To get rid of the balance bananas from my previous bake, I have to search for all bananas recipes. I settled for RG's Banana Cake and 福田淳子Banana Chiffon Cake . Just to try out the 2 different ways of preparing the cake. The former is using whole egg and the latter is separate egg method. I always have problem with incorporating flour into the whole egg method. I am sure to have lumps of flour in the cake (Can see the white spot on my cake) For texture I prefer the separate egg method. The cake yield is always soft.

RG's Banana Cake. I half the recipe and baked in a 7.5' cake tin. Baking time 35mins can be extened another 5mins

Can you see the white spots? That are all lumps of flour which I failed to mix

福田淳子Banana Chiffon Cake. I'm using 17cm recipe on a 20cm baking tin. I have also increased the banana pureen to 130gm (org 80gm) The cake is not tall.
* Personal note RG's Banana Cake ~~~ amount of sugar can be reduce to 240gm (Org 300gm). As for the chiffon cake, sweetness is just right. No adjustment needed.

Friday, August 27, 2010

My attempt of Banana Choco fudge cake

This is my first attempt on this cake after Cheryl class. I prepared the fudge first thinking that it will take quite some time to set. But guess I should have prepare it when the cake is baking in the oven. The fudge sort of solidify hence make it difficult to spread on the cake. Minus the ugly deco, overall the cake taste great.

I use Cadbury old Gold dark chocolate 70% cocoa. Was at NTUC last week and the brand was having offer at $4.55 (org $5+per block).Managed to grab 3 blocks (2 pcs 70% cocoa & 1 pc original). Saw the same at Metro selling $6 per block.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amelia Cake No 2

Seen here from left is Alicia, Amelia and Andrea. The three little princess of my Sister. As promise this is the doll cake for Amelia with helps from 姨s and her mummy. Oops..... I have overwhipped the cream as a result it is not smooth. I have also baked some cuppies to match with it. 2 times of sponge cake recipe to make this batch~~~doll cake and 18 small cuppies. Thanks Sisters for helping with the moulding of fondant on the cuppies.
Cross section of cake. Sister told me that the cake is soft and nice. Most of the kids have 2 serving.
We also baked a batch of burger bun. Three of us (大姐,四姐, me)take turn to throw the dough. Recipes from 孟老师一百道面包. The bun is nice and fragrance when u bite on the sesame seeds! Woo~~~~~

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cuppies for my Niece ~~~Amelia

My sis requested to bake some cuppies for Amelia and her ah lao whose birthday are just few days apart. Amelia is born in the same year as Ashly and celebrating her 5th birthday! Amelia is born in the year of 鸡 and her daddy in the year of 猪. So sis requested cuppies of piggy and chicky! Last night she came over to help out too. This is what we have prepared for them. A total of 9 piggy and 9 chicky and a 6' berries cake.

Noticed the different on the above and lower pic? with piggy and chicky on the cake itself. As they are mould using fondant I have asked my sis to place them only during serving time else worried that they will melt on the fresh cream.

XAY still owe u a princess cake =)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Got a tin of Crisco to finish off and decided to try the cookies recipe from Carol's book (Pg 24). Pretty simple and I have added walnuts (30gm) and reduce the amount of sugar (50gm) and chocolate chips (60gm) required. Baked a batch for Ashly's Teacher ~~ Ms Zhang who will be leaving PCF to another school. Wish her all the best! And another batch for Ken & Vel. Thanks to Ken who has been sending me to and back from work during this period. =)

Most likely I will bake this again for this coming Teacher's Day Celebration cos its just so simple and also save me lots of time haha....=)
Recipes (make 12 pcs Temp: 160c for 15mins)
170g cake flour
80g unsalted butter
30g sugar
30g Molasses sugar
1 egg
1/2 T Rum
1/8 t salt
100gm choco chips ( I used only 60gm)
1) Cream butter and sugar & salt till creamy
2) Add egg and rum gradually
3) Add sieved flour by 2 batches. Mix the flour and form a dough
4) Add choco chips (nuts)
5) Make a dough @35gm each and press lightly to @ 0.5cm in thickness
6) Baked and cool before keeping.

Friday, August 13, 2010

One more to add on.....

When I first got to know that Carol 自在生活 is having her own book I'm so excited to get a copy. Though my brother is going to TW soon I simply can't wait when I know I can order the book online. My brother asked me ' you still have not enough books from my last trip?' Well hahah.....I forget to tell him I have another book list for him to get for me during his next trip! Finally recevied my copy yesterday. I like her many pictures illustration in her book. Another book to read and try =)

Cheese and Lemon Chiffon Cake

To finish off the Meiji cheese I attempt on the Cheese & Lemon Chiffon Cake from the Chiffon book I just bought. Though the reciepe call for cream cheese I simply replaced with the same amount of Meiji Melting Cheese. I baked the 20cm version recipes which called for 5 egg yolks (large) and 8 egg whites (large). However, I find the batter is kind of too much for the tin. As a result the top portion of the cake is slightly dense and not airy (too heavy? ) I also need to extend the baking time by about 12mins and covered the top of the cake to prevent it from getting burnt further... do you measure your chiffon tin? From the top or base. For my case I measure the top which is 20cm. The egg size I used is 65gm. Or is the egg size that is cosider too big? Hee....maybe my dear blogger guest can help me solve the problem. =) Pls share with me. Much Thanks!

Recipes (180c for 40 mins 20 cm tin)

160g cream cheese

130gm sugar

5 eggs yolk (large)

25g oil

25g lemon juice

70g milk

2/3 t lemon rid

130g cake flour

2/3 t baking powder

8 egg whites


1) Cream the cheese with 1/3 of the amount of sugar

2) Add one yolk at a time, follow by oil, lemon juice, milk, lemon rid.

3) fold in flour (sieve with baking powder) and the batter should be smooth

4) whisk egg white, add sugar and whisked till stiff peak

5) removed 1/3 of white into (3) and fold to form a smooth batter

6) pour (5) into remaining whisked whites and fold. Ensure whites is well cooperated into the batter and DO NOT over fold and inflate the whites

7) Pour (6) into baking tin at a height and bake

8) invert cake and unmould only when the cake is cool

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Make this bread so that I can use the Meiji Cheese melt. Got to improve on the shaping =) I'm using the same water dough recipe
This is make by Ashly~~~~a flower? She finished the bun after it was baked.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy 45th Birthday to Singapore

I have no mood to bake for the past few days....not sure why but just feeling tired. Is this sign of me getting tired of my baking hobby????? Anyway I have promise Ashly to bake something for her to bring to school. The school is celebrating national day today. Baked this black forest bit burnt due to over bake so got to cut away. Luckily the cake is not too dry. I hope the children & teachers will like it and Happy 45th birthday Singapore!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Book added

Added this book into my collection. I have read this in the library much earlier but with most of the recipes being torn off by inconsiderate borrower. A total of 44 different chiffon recipes to try from.