Monday, November 12, 2007

上海, 苏州 2007

This is defintely an outdated post. Doing some PC housekeeping and came across these pictures. Am lucky enough to be able to travel with a group of colleague from other departments for a study visit at 上海 and 苏州 in 2007. These are some of the pictures taken.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


After so many rounds of cupcake experiment, I decided to try on cream puff or Choux pastry. The last time I try making cream puff was during secondary school time and this was how many years back man! The result is successful. The sweetness of the custard corn filling is jst right for me. Brought some to office and got some positive verdit. Keep it up!!!

Sok Yong first baking attempt

While this is SY's cake. The filling is chocolate rices and its her boyfriend Jim's favourite. This is also her first attempt baking and its meant for a surprise to her bf as a belated birthday gift. Hope Jim will appreciate what she did. I also hope she have enjoyed herself that day. Can you read that word on the cake? Yes you got it right but no prize for that ah....'JIM'

The first cake I baked

This cake was baked so much earlier, way before this blog got started. This is the first cake I baked with frosting. I have always wanted to try using whipped cream but dare not. Somehow that day when I bake it, I thought why not give it a try and it turns out quite well leh!

I took half a day PM leave and invited Sok Yong to my house to join in the fun. This is also her first attempt to bake a cake and whats more a cake with frosting!!! Both of us got so excited when the cake was done.

I have my cake filling filled with cocktail and sprinkled with some coloured candy. Overall rating is 6/10. Mum say got some standard leh....I'm so happy. But personally find that the taste was affected by the coloured sprinkles. Will not add that stuff next time round.

Dage 2nd language Test

Tomorrow is Avrem 2nd language paper and its also his last paper for this semester. His in P2 this year. Have pin high hope for him since he came in 1st last year. Ah lao & me didn't except him to get such good grade so I guess this time round there is some pressure given to him by me. haiz....but I really hope he can do well and don;t commit silly mistake. Keep reminds him to check his work I hope he do that. Jia you!!! Dage!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

My First Ever BLOG!!

Hei...hei...didn't know creating a blog is so easy. Thanks to Germaine for giving me a free tutorial last 2 weeks ya!! See if I can get a hang of it and showcase to my rascals and of course ah lao. hee..hee...
Time check now is 2334hrs and I'm so excited that I have managed to create my own blog. Can't wait to post some pictures to add colour to the blog. Hmm...may have problem uploading pictures..guess have to explore abit longer to see how to go about it.

Ok found the button to insert image. Need to browse to get a pic from the PC. Didn't realise that I have took so many pics using my SE K800i. Am thinking which one should I post. At last find a pic that was took at the upper pierce reservoir few mths back.

See if it turns out well.Testing ...1....2.....3.... here I go YIPEE!!!