Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cheese Bites Pizza

Alden said this after eating the pizza ' Mummy, 你可以开pizza 的店了!' Happy wor!!!! I didn't use morzella cheese instead i used melting cheese from Meiji, which I bought quite a bit from SMH forum. The recipe also did not call for sugar which I then added 5gm to it. For the tomato paste, I used those meant for pasta, added diced ham, pineapple & mushroom.

Pizza Base Recipe from 专业面包甜品制作

115g bread flour
115g plain flour
5 g salt
20g olive oil
1/2 egg
115g warm water
4g yeast ( to dissolve in the 115gm warm water for 5mins)
mixed all ingredients together. First proofing @ 2hrs or till 2.5-3 times the size. 2nd proofing 30mins, baked in 200c for 20mins or till golden brown.
To make the bites simply cut and tilt 90 degree and back to its original position.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fruit Yogurt Cake

I remember browsing through a cook book with a fuss free yogurt cake recipe. I made a comparison with the fruit pastry cake and the ingredient used are quite similar. The difference are yogurt cake uses more yogurt, less eggs and use melted butter. I made an attempt of the yogurt cake and top it with the fruits that I have for the pastry cake. Can't tell the difference right? :) I tried both and I think yogurt cake gave a moist cake texture compare to the pastry cake.

For this cake I half the recipe and baked @160c for 40mins in 6' round pan

Recipe from ( 5 个不失败甜点方程式,by上田悦子)
Yogurt Cake
200gm cake flour
1tsp baking powder
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
150gm sugar ( can be reduced to 120)
200g original flavor yogurt
1 egg
some rasins (I omitted this and replaced with the fruits at the top)
100gm unsalted butter (melted @40-45c)

1) Grease tin, lay layer of baking paper at base. Toss with flour and remove excess flour
2) mix egg & yogurt
3) add sugar, flour (sieved with BP & BS), add raisins and mix.
4) add melted butter and blend with hand whisk
5) ready to bake

* Her original recipe uses 2 nos of 14 x 23cm tin which yield very tin layer of cake. She baked at 180c & baked for 4~5mins till top turn golden brown. Covered with foil and baked for another 2mins. Cut into 8 equal slices and each slice 148kcal.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fruit Pastry Cake

Finally try out this Fruit Pastry Cake. I see many good reviews on this cake including my baking pal Esther. The recipe can be obtained from Happy Home Baking. The colours of the fruits really make the cake so appealing! I have baked 2 of these cake for my 5th & 6th uncles. Hope they like it.

* These are using 1 1/2 times of the recipes.

Awards from DG

This is another 2 awards from blogger DG. Really appreciate her sharing of these 2 beautiful awards. Thank you DG! Perhaps we should meet one day :)
I would also like to dedicate the awards to :

2nd birthday cake for Ashly

I have never make any ice cream cake in my baking so far. Looking inside my freezer I have all the ingredients.....a box of ice cream (courtesy from JC) and some durian chunks. As such I decided to whip up durian ice cream cake.

I prepared a 8' sponge cake and sliced into 3 layers. Use a loose base tin for easy removal later on. Allowed the ice cream to defrost slightly and scoop them in between layers, compact it slightly and add chunks of durian. Freeze it over night or at least 4 hours and covered with whipped cream. The covering of cake with whipped cream must be fast else the ice cream will melt and create a mess.

As usual we celebrated at my mum's place. However, this time round Alicia, Amelia & Andrea were not there to celebrate as Amelia was down with HFMD. Hope she recovered soon. So during cake cutting time only Ashly 大哥& 二哥 around to sing birthday song for her :) miserable hor haha.... Birthday girl making her wish after reminded by his 二哥. She say her wish is to be in No1 in anything haha....Her present from my sisters!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Celebration in School

This is the first time I am passing my camera to the teahcers to snap some photos of her celebration.
K1A Form Teacher: Ashly with Ms Aida
Ashly with Bubbly Teacher Mas
Ashly with Aunty helper
Ashly with her classmates
Making her wish.............

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ashly 5th birthday Cake

Time flies! It's my girl Ashly 5th Birthday! This year she request a mermaid/princess cake. I know she likes the character of Little Mermaid but there is no way I can do a similar one for her. I also don't have enough time to get for her any toppers (haha...tons of reasons). Hence I decided to google for mermaid cake image. In this era, Internet & googling really helps to solve many of my problems :)

Using what I have learnt from my baking lesson I used the same set up and just change the design and pipe a mermaid tail. I think I did badly on the scale part. I used the piping tip meant for piping petal and the cream is too soft to hold the shape. I make use of piping jelly to pipe the crab and tortoise. As for the fish I used melted chocolate to pipe the shape the fish. The chocolate are left over coating for my mini donuts which I have packed in a box of 2 to be given to the children at the end of the celebration. Just decorating the cake itself took me 3 1/2 hours.
I hope Ashly have a wonderful celebration in school and Mummy wish you 快高长大,身体健康!

* Not forgetting to thank my ah lao for getting the 旺旺小馒头at a very last minute request!

West to North

Irene left a note in FB that she wants to learnt baking from me. Well, I am no expert so I invite her over to 'play' rather then to teach. Along with Irene is Emily which I think I have not met her for almost 14 years. The last time I saw her is probably when we graduated from the academy. Glad to have the ladies with me. Together we whipped up these 2 bakes. I hope the ladies have enjoyed the session! Just to add on...never use strawberry with chocolate sponge they just don't really click! Banana is still the best!

Fresh Fruit Cake (Recipe from Amy Heng 好吃的蛋糕 but I did not follow the recipe to the dot and made some changes to it)

Chocolate & Strawberry Roll (Recipe from 孟老师) Baking time 15mins can see the skin is intact! Yeah!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Belgian Waffle

I have bookmark this recipe from Carol 自在生活 and is always under my to do list. The craving for this is even greater when GG say she want to learn how to make this waffler. Without delay I directed her to Carol's link and tell her that I will try out the recipe too. I started doing it last night around 9pm and ended sleeping around 1am. Not too sure why the dough did not double its size despite I have rest it for more then 3 hours. Morning @ 530am I started using my 3in1 waffler maker to 'bake'. It taste nicer when its freshly out from the maker but kind of hard when its cool. I believed it has got to do with the proofing.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Banana Chocolate Fudge Cake

Last week, Hub forward an email to me on a a hands on baking workshop at CSC. After much consideration, I decided to sign up the course. This is my first time attending a hands on workshop. Thereat I met Bee Leng(Doris Sister)!

Find the room kind of too small to accommodate 22 pax of students. Equipment wise, students are not brief ahead on how to use. I saw them holding onto a metal bowl and whisk by a KA machine....can you imagine this? I'm so worried that the machine/whisk will get spoilt and students getting injured! Best part I washed a whisk and left it on my table. After I returned to my table, the whisk is no way to be found!!!! I have no idea who took it but at least have the courtesy to ask. The trainer for this workshop is Ms Cheryl. Overall, still enjoy the workshop.

Some of the tips shared by the trainer:

1) Bicarbonate Soda added to melted choco powder to make the cake darker

2) Soaked banana in lemon juice to prevent it from turning dark

3) oil & milk must be hot when adding into the batter. This will resulted in a softer cake

4) if no corn syrup it can be replaced by same amount of honey

Friday, July 2, 2010

Another attempt.....

This is slightly better then the first attempt. However, I can't achieve the hair style I want. The hair just like to stick together. But still am happy!

Hen Party for WeWe

Thanks S for giving me this opportunity to showcase my 'dirty work' again :). Hope her Sister 'WeWe' have a wonderful time!