Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Childrens Day Celebration

Hello Kitty and Doraemon
Garden Bugs
Bumble Bee (notice the rear of the bee? )
Blue bug & caterpillar

Prepare these for Ashly to bring to school for her classmates. While preparing, Alden say he wants a Blue lady bug and a caterpillar. This is how the 2 came about in the picture. I hope they have a joyous Childrens Day celebration.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When Hello Kitty meet Doraemon... will never greet (HK got no mouth) while the other will never hear (Do got no ears) keke...Doraemon is meant for GSM niece, hope she will like it. While HK is left behind the container.....Time for me to buy a pen for such fine detail drawing.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009


Yeah.....defintely its not the marathon I'm referring to. Don't think I'm fit to go for it either. Well, I started the day making jelly barbie doll followed by Quiche and then Pizza. As if I'm preparing for some event. Nope.....I'm just trying to finish not all but most of the ingredients in the fridge. Its tiring but yet fulfilling cos the rascals enjoyed eating it.

Jelly barbie doll. Thanks Sherynn for the mould.

Ham & Mushroom Quiche. This time round, I stick to Richard's recipe for the pastry and uses the filling recipe from a fellow blogger Bake 4 fun . Thanks Esther for her recipe. At least I can eat with less guilt cos it uses only 2 eggs.

Last but not least Pizza. I follow the dough recipe from 孟老师的100道面包. Yum Yum!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Steamed Marble Cake

Finally decided to use my left over egg whites to steam this Marble cake. It tastes much like '鸡蛋糕' but its not really fluffy as you can see from the pic. Look compact right? Surprisingly the rascals like it. Maybe they are hungry haha.....

Steamed Marble Cake (Recipe from Cake in steam)
I used a 7' round mould

Set (A)
10gm cocoa powder
7gm water
2gm baking powder

Set (B)
190gm sugar (I reduce to 125gm. Can increase bit more)
230gm egg white
8gm ovelette ( I omit this)

Set (C)
285gm cake flour (I used 250gm plain flour + 35gm corn flour)
2gm salt

Set (D)
70gm fresh milk (I used a tsp of milk powder with 65gm water)
20gm olive oil ( I used corn oil)

1) Mix (A) and set aside ( I sieve the BP with the flour in [C] )
2) Whisk (B) until 70% light and fluffy , then add ovelette and whisk for another 1min
3) Sieve (C) and add in (2) and mix well lightly
4) Mix (D) into some of (3). Once well mix pour into balance of (3) and mix well
5) Remove 50gm of (4) and mix well with (1)
6) Pour remaining (4) into a grease baking mould with base lined with baking paper and pour (5) onto the top. Stir lightly 2-3 times (Do not overmix the batter too evenly in order to have the marble effect)
7) Steam over a preheat steamer at high heat for 10mins then turn into low heat for another 35mins

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ham & Mushroom Quiche

Have 3 boxes of dairy whipping cream left in the fridge. Hence decided to make quiche. Morning bought all the ingredients including the Edam cheese from Giant. Took out Richard's recipe book and realised recipe call for 6 eggs yolks. I think its too much so I reduce it to 5 nos. Anyway got to improve on the rolling of pastry cos during the baking process. I noticed the pastry sought of shrink. Not sure what steps I have miss out.
Now am left with 5 egg whites. Cracking my head what to do with this? Zebra cake? Macarons......

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mango, Green Tea, Chocolate mooncake

Yes mooncake again. This batch took me about an hour to complete before I left for work today. For skin, I use mango puree to give the yellow colour and added drops of mango paste. I like the soothing yellow color and goes well with Pooh mould. The filling is green tea + Chocolate. I still have a box of strawberry in the fridge but my HK mould is with my sister so got to kiv my project. Gave all to my colleague and hope they like it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cupcakes plates

Must thank GG and SM for lugging back these plates for me. I'm so happy to be able to get them at 50%. Sweet hor....Yippee!! But when I will get the chance to use it...I don't know wor!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oreo Cream Cake

This is an Oreo Cream cake I baked for M. Hope she likes it. Got to improve my cake decorating skill.
Oreo cream cake side
oreo cream cake top

Decorated cookies

more cookies

The cupcake cutter is cute. Getting to like it. Still can't handle the deco for heels. Afterall, I'm a person who wear track shoes and boots haha....

Honeydew Sago

1400gm water
100gm sugar
6 pandan leaves
150gm sago
200gm non dairy whipping cream
1 honeydew

1) Boil sago. Refer Here for preparation.
2) cut honeydew. set aside.
3) boil water + pandan leaves
4) Add in sugar stir till dissolve and simmer for about 15mins
5) Turn off the fire. Cool it
6) Add whipping cream and mix.
7) Add honeydew and serve chill.