Monday, July 23, 2012


Not everyone can accept 纳豆. I only start to love it after my trip in Japan June 12. Hence after our returned we went to buy some from Mediya. It goes well with mustard sauce.. yummy! So when I came across this recipe I decided to give it a try hoping that my children will like it...but they are not. So now still only papa and mama can accept 纳豆in the family :)

Japanese Char Siew

Recently I bought this book titled 「日本人妻边惠玉教你做家庭幸福料理」the recipe is quite easy to follow through. So far I have cooked 3-4 dishes using this book. The Char Siew is so easy to prepare and it goes well with Ramen. Recipe adapted from the book page 66-67 with some modification

350g pork (I used the part with slight fat, I used 650g)
1/2 stalk Spring onion (use only the rear)
1 slice ginger
Some oil for pan frying

100cc soya sauce
100cc sake
200cc water
6-7Tbs sugar (I used 2-3Tbs)

1) tie the meat with food string (i bought mine from Daiso) this is to hold the shape of the meat
2) pan fried with some oil till golden brown
3) using my smallest pot (green happycall pot) placed the spring onion, ginger, sauce and meat and bring to boil. Simmer in the sauce for 1hr in low flame.
4) remove the string and slice the amount required. Soaked the balance of meat in the sauce.

I served the Char Siew with bowl of Ramen. My children love it!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ashly Korilakuma birthday cake

I wanted to make Rilakuma as the colour is easier to achieve but Ashly prefer Korilakuma. It's her cake so she have the says. But wait...Korilakuma is between the shade of beige and yellow so how? I decided to use Wilton beige colour but I have added too much as a result it turn out pinky! Now just hope the cake taste ok...anyway this is a black forest cake. Happy birthday to my 宝贝!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to make croissant look alike bun

I like to play with my bread dough and shape them into variety of buns. Just to share how I shape this croissant look alike bun.

1) mould the dough into tear drop shape.( try to lengthen the dough)
2) flatten the dough
3) roll from the broad side to the sharp point
4) sealed the end by pressing the dough together

Saturday, January 7, 2012

More bread....

Ok have stop blogging for so so long....still bake but definitely not as frequent as before...these are some of the bread I baked...again am using the 5c bread dough