Monday, December 21, 2009

December 2009

This is not a good month as both uncle and grandma have left us. Hope they have found each other company along the way.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Avrem's Birthday

This year we celebrated early for Avrem's birthday. We have a potluck session at Sister house and I have baked a simple cake and a Hawaiian pizza.

My niece 33 also baked a colourful pavlova for this session. She's really talented :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Batam Trip (12 Dec -14 Dec 09)

This trip was organised by the department. We stayed at a 2yrs old hotel styled 'I-hotel'. Room is spacious and comfortable. This hotel is located near Nagoya hill shopping mall and is very convenient. Just take a 5mins walk from the rear of the hotel and you are there. The operating hrs of the mall is 10am-10pm. There is a shop styled '61' that sell T-shirt at as low as Rupiah 15,000 @ SIN$2.20. Bought quite a no of pieces there. There is also a hardware shop located beside the hypermart that sell baking tins. Didn't write down the unit no but it is easily located at the corner. Within the hypermart there is also baking tins and ingredients for sale. The tins are cheaper then JB but the quality may not be as good but its still good enough for baking.

These are vegertarian bao. Rupiah 3000 @ $0.45

This stall is located inside the mall selling kueh kueh. Bought the steam yam and surabaya cake to try. One is too salty while the other is too sweet.

As this is a guided tour, we also visited Batam centre shopping mall, polo outlets etc. Among these places is a Kuek Lapis factory. Managed to take some pictures and saw them using golden churn butter. A orginal lapis cost $23 while prune cost $26. I bought the latter. Did you see the 2 pails? Its egg whites as the shop claimed that they uses only yolks to bake the lapis.

Short Break

Took a short break from baking. Went over to Cameron Highland, Malaysia with family and Batam, Indonesia with colleague. Weather at Cameron Highland is cooling while Batam is super warm. However have enjoy myself on these 2 trips. Bought some baking stuff from batam...very cheap esp the baking tins. Heart shape, square tin, round tin you name it I bought it hahaha.....I don't have enough hands else sure get even more stuff back.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fresh Fruits Flan

M told me that she would like to have the Fresh Fruit Flan for her boy Birthday. Managed to bake one. Hope M family will like it and Happy Birthday to Alden.

Strawberry shortcake

I have done badly on this cake esp the sponge cake. But colleague commented that the cake was nice. Guess they are too kind in their words. Will have another attempt.

Recipe from 自己動手做鬆鬆軟軟的海綿蛋糕

Sponge cake (18cm tin)
2 eggs
70gm sugar
60gm cake flour
20gm melted butter

1) beat eggs & sugar to fluffy at high speed. When about to stop reduce the speed to stablise the batter.
2) fold in flour
3) add in melted butter and fold.
4) Pour batter from a height into a grease mould. Baked 170c for 25mins

Sugar syrup
2 Tbs sugar syrup
1tsp cherry liquor

Making of Sugar syrup
Ratio is 2:1 (sugar : Water) i.e 50gm sugar you will need 25gm water
Boil sugar and water together * can add vanilla pod optional

300ml whipping cream
Cherry liquor 1Tbs

1) whipped cream and set aside in fridge
2) sliced cake into half, brush sugar syrup on the cake
3) spread whipped cream on the cake, lay the strawberry in circular making about 2 inner rounds leaving the centre empty
4) spread some whipped cream and cover another layer of cake
5) Spread remaining cream on cake.
6) Leave in fridge for 2-3hrs before serving