Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend bakes

Bake this cake for my cousin JC! Got to trouble him to come to my house and pick it up! I stick the almond flakes piece by piece. Though its time consuming but I love the result.

As this is only a 6' cake, I have the remaining cake batter bake into cuppies. I can't resist not to try on elmo after seeing one of the blogger Mrs Teng baked the sesame street theme cuppies for her twin girl. Her piping skill is jst great! Mine is no way to compare and I cheated using piping gel! So happen that I chance upon Mr Fadli Halim blog with elmo & spongebob cuppies and I book mark it and tell myself that I should try it one day! Too bad I can't read Malay else I would have gotten his book too. He is also good in fondant!

As for the sunflower oreo cuppies...guess what...I learnt it from youtube! There are lots of clips which I have yet to finish and try many things on the want to do list...never ending........

Meet up!

Agnes and sister wanted to learn creaming a cake. I don't think I have reach the standard to actually teach them, hence I suggested them to come over my place and 'play'. I browse through my recipe books thinking of what to bake. I got hold a recipe book from Kevin Chai and decided to bake the blueberry and kiwi cake. Furthermore, these 2 fruits are in season and can get easily from the supermarket. We baked a 6' cake and 4 cuppies so that they can play with the use of different piping tip. They did a great job for a first timer, don't you agree? I hope they enjoy the session and nice meeting them! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oreo Durian Mousse Cake

Have some durians at hand and decided to whip up RG's Durian Mousse cake. As RG's mousse cake required a non loose base tin to work on (need to pour jelly at the base) and I can't locate my tin, I decided to go ahead without the jelly. I made adjustment to the whipped cream required from 200gm to 300gm and increase the gelatine amount to 25gm. Since the durian pureen is already sweet, I further reduce the recipe sugar to 20gm. Luckily all set in nicely! As the cake looks kind of plain, I decided to crush 100gm of Oreo biscuit on the surface. It turn out messy but overall feedback on the cake is great!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alden's Birthday Celebration

Accidentally scape off some of the cream this morning. Quickly make a number 8 to cover it :) The cake texture is kind of dense and not fluffy but still edible. Other then this cake, hubby ordered pizza, while I cooked curry chicken, mango sago, fried mee hoon and finger food.

With cousins..Alicia, Amelia & Andrea

Alden's Birthday Cake

My initial plan is to make a fondant cake with garden theme. But too bad the chocolate cake I baked turn out too sweet and if I were to make it to fondant cake...I don't think anyone will take it. Hence I decided to make a cream cake and added banana....and this is my 巧克力笨乃乃 aka Chocolate banana cake. Next problem arise....what picture to draw? Alden was born in the year of horse thus I decided to goggle for a cute horse picture. Hope Alden will like the cake mummy bake for him. We will have a simple lunch at Mum's place later at noon. Now need to take power nap and wake up shortly to prepare curry chicken and fried been hoon...going ZZZZ...........

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

班兰香饼蛋糕 Pandan Cookies Cake

I bought a packet of Soda biscuits for hubby. To my dismay, he took a piece and left the whole packet in the fridge. Was thinking whether I can make use of the biscuits as cheese cake base but I don't think it will taste good.

While browsing through the whole stack of recipes books, I found this that make use of soda biscuit. :) Though only 100gm is used, at least I know I can count on this recipe to finish the remaining biscuits. Recipe adapted from '温馨世界Caldo Recipes'

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Use ready sauce for this 叉烧. The recipe required to marinate the pork for just 2 hrs but I marinated it overnight. Grill for 15mins on each side, grazed with honey, grill for another 2 mins. Temp 180c. Ready to serve.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


To finish off my packet of HK flour I used AY recipe for this 叉烧包. Hub & Ashly help in rolling and moulding the bao. :) Still got half a packet left will try out other type of bao soon!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Chocolate Roll

Using the same recipe baked at 180c for about 15mins. Not realising that the previous one I baked for 16mins. Skin stick to the baking paper. Next time round will extend longer baking time. Hope J&D like it! :)