Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This supposed to be a toast but I guess my bread tin is too big for the amount of dough. Recipes from 孟老师的100道面包。 Though this bread does not have the 土司 look, the taste is almost similar to the one I had at JB bakery shop.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Soft bread & Pandan Chiffon

After seeing my fellow blogger annann baked the bread for so many times, I bet the bread must be very nice. I tried out the recipes and indeed it yield very soft bread. The filling is cheese and Otah but mine the out look appear much like 小豆沙饼.

My girl also requested to eat pandan chiffon cake. Hence I whipped up one for her. Have reduce the sugar to 100gm. Again its a skinless one. :( But the texture is very soft.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Totoro Durian Cream Puff

Thanks to my niece 33 for showing me this cute little Totoro. Too cute not to bake right? Anyway 33 is only in her Secondary 3 and have great interest in baking. So am sure she has the potential to be a good baker one day! 加油哦33!

Back to the puff, I did not follow the above recipe. Instead I tried using My-Sweet-Kitchen durian cream puff recipe. For baking temperature I used 200c for 23mins. I should have increase the baking time for another few mins as I noticed the inner part of the pastry is still not well baked. The pastry shrink when it cool down and its not puffy. Hence as a result I have difficulty filling in the cream. Nonetheless, this puff is cute! Think still got room for improvement to get close to the creator Totoro.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Japanese Steamed Cake

Using the hot water bath method, this is the Japanese steamed cake or I should label it as 'Kosong cake'. The texture is similar to the Japanese cheese cake but without the cheese taste as the cheese is omitted in this recipe. Very Soft. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Using the same filling of 水煎包 but another type of dough and frying method. The dough taste bit chewy and my family prefer the former.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Have some cabbage left in the fridge hence decided to do 水煎包 again. This time I add more seasoning to the filling. On top of that I fried 2 eggs and added some fresh mushroom. Yummy! My next attempt will be 胡椒饼 :P


For dough
250gm plain flour
135gm water
3gm yeast
10gm sugar
5gm oil

For filling
150gm minced meat
3Tbs water
1/2 tsp salt ( can increase if you prefer a more savory filling)
2Tbs sesame oil
thick chicken stock sauce (any type. jst happened I have this in my fridge)
50gm carrot (diced)
150gm cabbage (diced)
4 fresh mushroom (diced)
2 eggs pan fried and (chopped to smaller piece)
some black fungus (diced)
some vermicelli (cut)

For pan frying(A) (mixed and set aside. Remember to stir when using it)
200gm water
10gm plain flour

1) add water + salt to the minced meat and use 2 pairs of chopsticks and stirred vigorously @ one directon
2) add the rest of the seasoning sauce and the remaining ingredient meant for the filling. Mix and keep in fridge
3) Prepare the dough. Add all ingredients and knead it to a smooth dough ( The texture of dough should somehow similar to the dough we make bread. I usedKA speed 2 to mix).
4) Rest at room temp for 50mins or double the size with the dough cover
5) Roll the dough and cut about 8-10 pcs of smaller dough. Depending on how big you want the pao to turn out.
6) Start to work on the 1st smaller dough you have cut earlier. Used a rolling pin to flaten it to make a round shape.
7) wrapped the filling into the dough. Avoid the filling to touch the edge of the dough when wrapping. Else you will have difficulty to close up the dough
8) Rest the wrapped pao at room temp for 15-25mins cover with dam cloth
9) pour some oil to a frying pan
10) placed the pao onto the pan and pour abt 2 ladle of (A) and cover it to simmer. When (A) is almost drying up drizzle some sesame oil.
11) overturn the pao and serve hot

Managed to find this in you tube on how to wrap. Good one. :) Have fun