Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Black Glutinous Chiffon Cake

A chiffon cake I have baked before using ready black glutinous flour. Recipe adapted from Happy flour. (For this cake tin, I have doubled the quantity. The sugar level can be further reduced.)
Anyway a tip obtained from a book i.e to spread some batter on the rim of the baking tin to aid the climbing of the batter. Happy trying

New Books

Thanks to my dearest brother =) from Korea mochi bread flour to dozen of Taiwan books! All the way lug back to Singapore! 辛苦你了!老妈子好心疼 that you have to lug the heavy books around with you and instructed me not to give you further books order!!!

I have searched high and low for this mochi bread flour in SG but with no luck.....till brother brought it back...Then one fine day when I was at Vivo, I saw a korea shop outside Giant supermarket cant remember whats the shop name but I think it is 'Shine'....I saw a similar box on the shelves selling at $8.90....grrh.....ok ok back to the prepration of the bread.... Just add 1 egg and 70ml of water/milk into the premix, make into dough, brush with water and baked at 180c for abt 20-30 mins depending on the size of the dough. This taste nice when its serve hot. Its Chewy!!!!

And these are the books my brother brought back ~~~~~many its heavy!! haha....Thanks Bro!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cup cake wrapper

First of all I must thank Anncoo for giving the idea of the cup cake wrapper. I have mark this link for quite sometime and was telling myself that I should try it out one day.....Well....the day has finally arrived....when YuWei, my baking pal I have met in Richard's Creaming class called upon me to help her bake some cuppies for her ROM. YW's suggested that she would like to have a garden theme cuppies, hence I decided to mould some bugs, bees and snails to go along with it.

During the prepration of the wrapper, I encounter a problem with the template file, perhaps its a different file extension, I was not able to retrieve it. Hence without much delay, I get one cupcake casing and start to diy the template....luckily still can make do =) Next was to source for a nice wrapper to go with the garden theme......heehee....guess what I bought this wrapper from oversea....not very far....Malaysia JB =) I chance upon this last piece wrapper when I was at the bookshop. And I think this is an ideal piece for a theme like this.
Lastly....everythings goes on smoothly and the cuppies were well received by YW's guest! Congrats to Junji and Yuwei on their BIG day!

Tofu Cheese Cake

A delayed posting on a lesson I took at KB CC. Tofu Cheese cake and mango puding! Not long after the lesson, I have made my very first attempt of the cheese cake. The feedback from my colleague were great! Smooth and silky like the tofu! Best eaten only on the 3rd day!

My own attempt of Tofu Cheese Cake

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lady Bird?

Can you tell what is this at first sight? I saw a blog selling this cute right! I told myself it should not be that difficult to clone one, hence I bought all the material required and ready to start my cloning process. Took me 2hr plus to clone one haha...I have fun doing it but my stitching skill defintely needs to improve.

Yes this is a measuring tape. Did you get the answer correctly?

Want to clone one for yourself ? All you need is a round retractable measuring tape. felt fabric, glue, different colour thread and a needle. Happy cloning!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hubby went Indonesia for short fishing trip. Knowing rascals love calamari, he bought 3 packets of squid back. I cut them into rings and whipped up the dish. At the end of the day...吃到怕.... haha....


850gm squid

1 1/2 tsp salt

1 egg

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp parsely

1 tsp hua tiao jiu

Flour coat

125gm plain flour

30gm rice flour


1) Wash squid and drain away water

2) Season with all the above seasoning for 30mins

3) Mixed the flour coat in a plastic bag

4) Place some of (2) into (3) and shaked

5) Tapped the excess flour and deep fry for 8-10mins or till golden brown

6) serve with mayo

Deep fried for 8-10mins. Serve with mayo =)


Recipe adapted from 名师名厨爱吃蛋
2 eggs ( add 1/2 tsp salt, [1Tbs corn flour + 1Tbs water])
160gm squid paste
1 pc seaweed
1) heat work and pan fry the egg
2) dish up the egg and lay a pcs of seaweed follow by squid paste
3) Roll by the side
4) steam for 6 mins
5) cut & serve

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Children's Day 2010

Baked this batch of fondant cookies for Ashly to bring to school. Hope the children like it =) Cookies recipes from BakingMum. I reduce the sugar to 160gm since I have fondant to go with the cookies and baked at 160c for 24mins

I like this 'Ripple' ice cream most =)

Many flavors~~~Yam, mango, ripple

Remaining dough baked into plain cookies

Recipes for spritz cookies

250gm butter

200g sugar (I reduce to 160c)

2 eggs

650g plain flour + 3/4 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt


1) cream butter and sugar till creamy

2) add one egg at a time

3) add flour

4) cool dough in fridge for abt 30mins

5) Roll and use cookie cutter to cut

6) Baked in pre heat oven 190c for 15mins or golden brown (depending on the thickness of the cookies)