Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Preparing 65C 汤种 bread

Recipe from Yvonne C 65c 汤种面包 ( For a start do half of this will be sufficient)

65c 汤种
100gm bread flour
500ml water

1) Mixed flour with water and blend well
2) Boil (1) and constantly stirred
3) bring to boil till 65C & turn off the fire ( I don't have any thermometer so I turn off the fire upon seeing the mixture thickens)
4) Cover with cling wrap and keep in fridge when cool. Having wrap will prevent any water loss. Can keep the remaining for abt 1-2 days. However, if it turn greyish it should be discarded

This appended dough is meant for Custard bun but I use it for my otah bun.

210gm bread flour
56gm cake flour (I used plain flour)
20gm milk powder
42gm sugar
1/2 tsp salt
6gm instant yeast

30gm eggs
85gm water
84gm of 汤种

22gm unsalted butter

1) Mixed SET A. Avoid placing the salt and sugar directly over the yeast
2) Mixed SET B into (1). Mixing is done at low speed
3) Upon all ingredient are well mixed, increase to mid speed
4) Add butter only when the gluten in the flour starts to form
5) once the dough is ready, prepare for first proofing. Cover with cling wrap
6) It takes abt 40mins or stop when dough double it size
7) knead to smaller dough abt 60gm each and rest for 10mins
8) start to fill in the desire filling
9) Ready for 2nd proofing. Abt 40mins
10) Egg wash and baked at 180c @15mins or golden brown


DG said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe, cannot wait to try it :)

DG said...

I tried to do it yesterday, but seems not successful. My bread is not as fluffy as you but soft. Do you know why the mixed flour very soft and sticky even I kept adding the flour? Or did I miss any step?

FATMUM said...

The dough is quite sticky to handle. However I did not add any more flour other then the required amount since am using a mixer to do the job. If u are using manual kneading, tried this site. It will give u a rough idea on the kneading part though its not on the same recipe. http://www.skybake.com/teaching.asp

DG said...

I tried to recall on what I did. Guess what ???? I realise now that I pour all the 1/2 recipe of 65C汤种 dough into the other ingredients. It should be more than 84g right? No wonder it was very sticky, add and add flour not enough .... hahahah ..... now I know where I did wrong. I am going to bake it again, since I still got some bread flour left. Thanks for all the information that you share. :) BTW, how do you usually keep your left over yeast?

Anonymous said...

My buns did not turn out that nice looking. What oven do you use?

FATMUM said...

Hi My oven is Ariston, the most basic model. Did you do a egg wash? As this will affect the turn out. Hope this helps. =)

Anonymous said...

i tried this recipe and it turned out REALLY well! soft and springy to touch, even when cool.
thank you so much for posting this recipe!

FATMUM said...

Glad that you like the recipe. Cheers!