Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cake Deco Class - Lesson 6 Barbie Doll

Am into the 6th lesson making a dress for Barbie doll. Think i have pushed the doll to much into the cake as a result she looks like she is wearing a maternity dress :( I have spread some blueberry as the filling and placed some cut fondant flowers and paste on the cake. Gave the cake to my neighbour and she commented nice! Happy!
These are made by my coursemates. Pretty right?
I have summarise the process on how to prepare the cake. Hope I will not forget cos I have ordered another doll from my instructor and hope to make one for my girl on her birthday. And of course I hope I can make a better one :)


DG said...

I can see your frosting skill improve tremendously. I can see from the white gown from your doll, so neat. Well done. I wish to join Richard's next class.

FATMUM said...

DG, the tips is to use the baking paper. You will enjoy the class!