Saturday, January 3, 2009

My new toy cum birthday present

After much consideration I finally got a KitchenAid KM150 mixer. J bought this as a birthday gift for me. Cost him $670...X right? I have never invest such an expensive stuff except for my house electrical appliances. Hope I can made good use out of it and have more bakes for the family.


SW said...

wow! $670 is a very good price, where did u get it from.

FATMUM said...

I got it from Paris Silk at transit rd.


SW said...

hi fatmum,

thanks :) Actually i hv already bgt mine, at ktichenaid during promo. DIdn't expect ur price is even better than the promo. Lucky u :)

FATMUM said...

I saw mayer promotion but limited to pink colour & include free bowl, vouchers etc going at $779. But because I prefer red so i give tat offer a miss.