Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Zebra Lines Cake

This should be my 3rd attempt. Very happy with the result. But should have use a smaller pan size in order to achieve a taller height.

Spiral Curry Puff

While surfing the net, I saw Florence posting of this sprial Curry puff. Looks so yummy! And happen to have some potatoes left from my previous cooking of curry chicken, I decided to attempt on this. However, I did not follow on the filling part. This recipe is a keeper. Will defintely do this again. But I think I need to brush up on the shaping part. Rooms for improvement!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baking Lesson: Irish Coffee cake

Baking Lesson: Quiche

Not too sure if instructor got distracted by the many questions of a new student. The quiche taste on the salty side, other wise it taste yummy. Need to reduce the amount of salt added in the Dairy cream filling.

Happy Birthday to Dajie

Yap this is the cake meant for Dajie. Simply split the same recipe for the mango mousse cake into 2 baking tins (1 BIG and 1 small). I don' t think with the amount of mango left I'm able to fill up the whole cake, hence I used the cutters to cut out the alphabet from the slice mangoes. Got this idea after looking at DG posting of her mango mousse cake. Hope Dajie likes the cake!