Monday, January 19, 2009

My Version Of Mixed Fruits Flan

This is my version.... find the sponge cake is not tall enough. As a result the cake and the jelly are of the same height. Likely I have over mixed the batter. Have mixed some strawberry paste in the whipping cream and added korean strawberry to it. Overall the cake is well like by the rascals. Will defintely try it again.

Ingredients (yield a 9' round cake and bake at 160c for 35mins)

Sponge cake

4 eggs

100 sugar (I reduce to 80gm)

100gm plain flour

100gm butter


200gm fresh cream

500gm water

12gm instant jelly

80gm sugar (I reduce to 60gm)

Some fruits i.e strawberry, peaches & kiwi


1) Whisk eggs at a max speed for 6-7 mins till stiff (batter turn light yellow and thick)

2) Fold in sifted flour (do not over mix)

3) Add in warm melted butter. Mix well till batter is shiny

4) Pour into grease baking tin and baked for 35mins

5) Remove cake from tin and allow it to cool

6) Cut cake into 3 layers

7) Whisk fresh cream at medium speed till stiff (I add strawberry paste into whipped cream)

8) Spread cream all over the layers of cake and line the side with plastic sheet. Alternatively can use a loose base tin but must ensure the top layer is well covered by cream else jelly will flow to the base

9) Decorate with fruits. Leave in fridge to set

10) Prepare the instant jelly by mixing water, sugar and instant jelly and bring to boil. Stirring it continously.

11) Remove from heat and stir to cool, once it turn cold it will solidify and curdy so ensure it is still at the liquid stage when pouring.

12) Leave cake to set in chiller

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