Sunday, February 28, 2010


Today mark the end of the Chinese New Year. My sister prepared these 发糕 and bought to grandma place and share with us. It has sweet potatoes added to it. She have also prepared some durian cream puff and all her 'fruits' are yummy! I have obtained the recipe for the 发糕 from her and hope I will try out one day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Another recipe from Richard Class. Have reduced the sugar by 30gm (110gm). This is soft !

Ashly School CNY Celebration

Ashly made a last minute request from me to bake her cuppies for her to bring to school for her CNY celebration. My fridge was left with only 1 miserable egg. No choice but to borrow 3 from my neighbour. I started baking it at 2130hrs and completed all by past midnight. She was happy to see them the next morning. However, she didn't get to eat while in school as the teacher have placed the cuppies to another corner which she did not manage to take any.

Odd one out and did not turn up to school. : )

Golden butter cake

Recipe from Richard Goh. Have reduced the amount of sugar by 30gm. With help from my sil.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Rolled some sushi and bought over to my cousin place. Am glad that they like it.

Black Glutinous Chiffon Cake

The packet of black glutinous flour bought from JB is finally put into use. DG have baked one sometime back and I have been telling myself I should try out the recipe. After knowing from DG that the cake still taste very sweet despite she have reduced the amt of sugar, hence I decided to use only 140gm (the actual amt is 200gm). I find the sweetness is just nice for me. However, I find the fragrance of this cake is not as good as the one that I have baked before.

新年快乐 (大年初二)


Friday, February 12, 2010

CNY goodies

These are the goodies I baked for CNY. First time trying kuek mamuk. I would also like to take this opportunity wishing all my fellow bloggers Happy Chinese New Year! Huat ah!!!!

Pineapple Tart and Almond cookies

Kueh Mamuk

Kueh Lapis. I used Richard's Goh recipe and reduce the overall sugar to 210gm. This recipe can make two 7 inch lapis. Every layer is weighed at 60gm of the batter.
Can you count how many eggs are needed to make the above lapis? Got problem counting the shells??? Count the yolks then haha....

(The shells are not wasted. I have crushed them and used as fertilizer for my orchid! :) )

Steps making Lapis

2nd Award - Happy 101 Award

Thanks DG & Annann for passing me a 2nd award. Was busy with CNY cookies so was late in picking up this :P . My pleasure to receive this award from u gals! Thank you so much!

Having the picture of the award posted onto your blog, one should- Share the 10 things in life that make you happy with your readers- Pass on the award to 10 other bloggers who brighten up your day- Share the links to the 10 bloggers', as mentioned above, on your blog- Get the 10 bloggers informed about the award- Ask the 10 award recipients to relink their blogs to yours

10 things that make me happy

- Good health

- Shopping

- Baking

- Rascals are well behave

- On leave

- Office tasking cleared

- Friends love my bake

- Travelling

- Reading food blog

- Strike 4D & Toto haha......

10 blogs that the award will pass on

7) Blessed Homemaker