Friday, January 16, 2009

Second baking lesson

We learnt to make 2 cakes today. Mixed/Fresh fruits flan and blueberry lightweight cake. Finally know how to go about doing the clear jelly on the top layer of cake. The instructor uses instant jelly and ladle over the cake when it turns lukewarm and set in the fridge. The cake taste yummy. Have bought the instant jelly from the instructor can't wait to try out.

Mixed/Fresh fruits Flan

This is the 2nd cake we baked. The blueberry lightweight cake. Using chiffon sponge base, the instructor show us 2 'designs' i.e Burger and spiral. All uses a 1cm plain nozzle to pipe. For burger, the batter is baked at middle rack of oven while spiral (pipe @ 4 rounds and yield a bigger cake) is at the top rack. Reason being the spiral cake need to be fold into half immediately after baked and to avoid the base being over baked and cracked during folding. Hence it is placed at the top rack.

Blueberry lightweight cake

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