Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pan Grilled Chicken Chop

This is my version of the chicken chop. Got the recipe from 我的厨房笔记

First attempt of Tiramisu Cream cake 意大利咖啡蛋糕

This posting should come before the 2nd attempt.....cream is too thick

Hotdog Bun

My elder boy simply loves hot dog!!! Still need to brush up the patterning!

A cake for MIL: German Black Forest Cake

This cake is baked in the early week of May 09. Its meant for my MIL.

Baking Lesson: Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipes yield 70-80pcs of cookies. Can keep for a month. Tips from 老师:
1) Always use hard butter when making cookies this will result crispiness in cookies.
2) Butter that is UNDER creamed will result in harder cookies and non crispiness
3) Butter that is OVER creamed will result in cookies that is easily breakable

Baking Lesson: Cheese Scones

Rum Ball

My first attempt of Rum ball. I used the balance of the side decoration cake meant for Tiramisu. Stuff them into jelly mould, freeze, remove from mould and coat with chocolate and nuts.

Friday, May 29, 2009

2nd attempt Tiramisu Cream Cake 意大利咖啡蛋糕

I try this using Richard recipe. I think I did badly on the side decoration. The dots turn out too BIG compare to the one 老师 baked. See the different?

Baking Lesson: Chocolate Chip Muffin

Chocolate Chip Muffin. This recipe is easy simply mixed all ingredients and give it a few stirred. However, I don't like the strong cinnamon taste so I guess I will omit this if I were to bake some.

石头 Toast

Not because this toast taste as hard as a 石头 but the name was given by me for a kind lady 刘阿姨 who taught me how to go about preparing it. I met 刘阿姨 during my April Taiwan trip. She's the owner of 石头的家. This is part of the breakfast menu she offer. She too enjoy baking and she's so kind to share with me how to go about preparing it. She did not give me the exact recipe so I just make my own 'agaration'. If anyone happen to go Taiwan 花莲, do drop by and stay at her 民宿。 You will have this 家的feeling. 谢谢你刘阿姨!

Btw I took this pic outside 刘阿姨 house. Love it! Apparently, lily is very common there.

石头 Toast

120gm mixed peas
320gm potatoes
100gm mayonnaise (I used mayonnaise lite)
1 can of Tuna in water (drained off the water)
13 pcs of bread (can use thicker toast)
some cheddar cheese
some salt & pepper to taste


1) Boil the potatoes, peel and smashed

2) mix the peas, tuna and mayonnaise, salt & pepper together

3) Spread on the bread and sprinkle with cheddar cheese

4) Toast @ 180c for 12mins or when cheese melt and turn little brownie

This recipe can yield about 13pcs of toast. If you can't finish, do not toast all. You can freeze in the freezer and heat it when needed. My elder boy love it.

Baking Lesson: Opera Cake 欧培拉蛋糕

Opera Cake 欧培拉蛋糕。Many steps involved, however with Richard clear explanations, it defintely helps me to understand better.

Preparing the different layers of mousse and butter cream

Assembling the cake

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baking Lesson: Lotus Paste Pastry

Instead of making Lotus Paste for the filling, it can be replaced with char siew and make into savory pastry.