Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Books

Thanks to my dearest brother =) from Korea mochi bread flour to dozen of Taiwan books! All the way lug back to Singapore! 辛苦你了!老妈子好心疼 that you have to lug the heavy books around with you and instructed me not to give you further books order!!!

I have searched high and low for this mochi bread flour in SG but with no luck.....till brother brought it back...Then one fine day when I was at Vivo, I saw a korea shop outside Giant supermarket cant remember whats the shop name but I think it is 'Shine'....I saw a similar box on the shelves selling at $8.90....grrh.....ok ok back to the prepration of the bread.... Just add 1 egg and 70ml of water/milk into the premix, make into dough, brush with water and baked at 180c for abt 20-30 mins depending on the size of the dough. This taste nice when its serve hot. Its Chewy!!!!

And these are the books my brother brought back ~~~~~many its heavy!! haha....Thanks Bro!


Coraine said...

Hi! I saw this mochi bread flour sometimes ago too, but then did not buy it, as I don't know whether it will be nice, now with your assurance, I will get it when i see it =)

Coraine @ life is like a long journey

FATMUM said...

Coraine thanks for visiting my blog. You got a nice blog too!

Give this premix a try. I love the chewy texture. =p

Anncoo said...

Oh..I am so jealous ;DD Love all those books.

hanushi said...

You can form a mini library le... so many nice cookbooks... :)

Vivienne said...

wow the mochi bread looks soooo good!
i have flipped thru some of those tw-ese cookbooks when i was last in tw! they're so cheap too aye compared to the other cookbooks!

FATMUM said...

I like those baking book translated from Jap. Too bad cant read Jap else I will be collecting many of it