Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cup cake wrapper

First of all I must thank Anncoo for giving the idea of the cup cake wrapper. I have mark this link for quite sometime and was telling myself that I should try it out one day.....Well....the day has finally arrived....when YuWei, my baking pal I have met in Richard's Creaming class called upon me to help her bake some cuppies for her ROM. YW's suggested that she would like to have a garden theme cuppies, hence I decided to mould some bugs, bees and snails to go along with it.

During the prepration of the wrapper, I encounter a problem with the template file, perhaps its a different file extension, I was not able to retrieve it. Hence without much delay, I get one cupcake casing and start to diy the template....luckily still can make do =) Next was to source for a nice wrapper to go with the garden theme......heehee....guess what I bought this wrapper from oversea....not very far....Malaysia JB =) I chance upon this last piece wrapper when I was at the bookshop. And I think this is an ideal piece for a theme like this.
Lastly....everythings goes on smoothly and the cuppies were well received by YW's guest! Congrats to Junji and Yuwei on their BIG day!


Bakertan said...

Hi Fatmum,

thats a very good idea using wrappers to wrap ard the cupcakes casing. they turn out really good.

These cupcakes are lovely =]. Bet your baking pal must be glad to receive them.

Are the sunflower yellow petals and the light green grass both buttercream? If yes, what type of tip did you use, thanks.

FATMUM said...

Yes BT the wrapper idea is great! Thanks to Anncoo =)

You are right, am using buttercream for the flowers and leaves. Am using a leaf tip to pipe it. I learnt this from youtube. take a look at this clip. You will love it.

Anncoo said...

WOW! The wrapper is so pretty and I like that design. So glad you enjoyed doing this :)

FATMUM said...

Anncoo, thanks for this great idea =)