Monday, October 4, 2010

Lady Bird?

Can you tell what is this at first sight? I saw a blog selling this cute right! I told myself it should not be that difficult to clone one, hence I bought all the material required and ready to start my cloning process. Took me 2hr plus to clone one haha...I have fun doing it but my stitching skill defintely needs to improve.

Yes this is a measuring tape. Did you get the answer correctly?

Want to clone one for yourself ? All you need is a round retractable measuring tape. felt fabric, glue, different colour thread and a needle. Happy cloning!


Anncoo said...

hahaa...that lady bird looks real cute. Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely try this someday.

FATMUM said...

Yes Anncoo I was attracted by the cuteness =)Now i can have this in my kitchen to measure my cake pan. Look forward to your bug.

DG said...

Very creative & useful lady bird :) Nice work!

Hearty Bakes said...

Looks real! Very lovely indeed! I used to made felt crafts too and did a few upholstery of measuring tape with my cross-stitching.

hanushi said...

Wahhh... This is really nice and useful!!!

I can never make such nice craftpieces... Arts/Crafts is my poorest subject back in school. Ha...

hanushi said...

Hihi Fatmum,

Thanks for linking me at your bloglink. I am very honoured *shy-red face*.

Just to let you know that I have recently updated my URL as well, in case you start to miss me. :)

FATMUM said...

Thanks DG

I saw your craft work...envy envy!!! I hope I can achieve 50% of your skill! =)

Yeah yeah join in the blogging! Hope to see more post from you! Cheers!