Sunday, October 3, 2010


Recipe adapted from 名师名厨爱吃蛋
2 eggs ( add 1/2 tsp salt, [1Tbs corn flour + 1Tbs water])
160gm squid paste
1 pc seaweed
1) heat work and pan fry the egg
2) dish up the egg and lay a pcs of seaweed follow by squid paste
3) Roll by the side
4) steam for 6 mins
5) cut & serve


Jihyeon said...

egg is totally my favor.
i used to do the same recipe as yours, the only different thing is the stuffing. i used pork instead of squid.
well, guess squid will better than pork because of its elasticity.
thanks for sharing ^^

FATMUM said...

jihyeon squid is nice but can be very salty too. your idea of replacing pork is gd. thanks for sharing =)Or perhaps a combination of both hahah..

Weng said...

Wow. Loooks like restaurant style :) Thanks for sharing !