Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cuppies for my Niece ~~~Amelia

My sis requested to bake some cuppies for Amelia and her ah lao whose birthday are just few days apart. Amelia is born in the same year as Ashly and celebrating her 5th birthday! Amelia is born in the year of 鸡 and her daddy in the year of 猪. So sis requested cuppies of piggy and chicky! Last night she came over to help out too. This is what we have prepared for them. A total of 9 piggy and 9 chicky and a 6' berries cake.

Noticed the different on the above and lower pic? with piggy and chicky on the cake itself. As they are mould using fondant I have asked my sis to place them only during serving time else worried that they will melt on the fresh cream.

XAY still owe u a princess cake =)


Jess @ Bakericious said...

wow the cupcakes are so so cute and beautiful cake too, they just be so happy

ERON said...

The chick n piggy cuppies are so cute...Those fondant figurines also very swee...Sure your niece very happy:)

FATMUM said...

Hee Eron she is more happy with the doll cake. =)