Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amelia Cake No 2

Seen here from left is Alicia, Amelia and Andrea. The three little princess of my Sister. As promise this is the doll cake for Amelia with helps from 姨s and her mummy. Oops..... I have overwhipped the cream as a result it is not smooth. I have also baked some cuppies to match with it. 2 times of sponge cake recipe to make this batch~~~doll cake and 18 small cuppies. Thanks Sisters for helping with the moulding of fondant on the cuppies.
Cross section of cake. Sister told me that the cake is soft and nice. Most of the kids have 2 serving.
We also baked a batch of burger bun. Three of us (大姐,四姐, me)take turn to throw the dough. Recipes from 孟老师一百道面包. The bun is nice and fragrance when u bite on the sesame seeds! Woo~~~~~


Jess @ Bakericious said...

the barbie doll cake is so beautiful, my daughter sure will scream for it. And the cupcakes, all are nicely done and I am drooling on the buns too!

Anncoo said...

WOW! The doll cake really looks pretty! Did you use a special mould to bake the cake?

FATMUM said...

Jess its not too difficult. you shld give it a try. Hope this helps if you are making one for your girl.

Thanks Anncoo. No special mould needed. You will need a 6' & 8'sponge cake, trim the cake with an angle, used the trimmed cake to top on the 6', do some plastering and viola!