Saturday, August 28, 2010

All Bananas.........

To get rid of the balance bananas from my previous bake, I have to search for all bananas recipes. I settled for RG's Banana Cake and 福田淳子Banana Chiffon Cake . Just to try out the 2 different ways of preparing the cake. The former is using whole egg and the latter is separate egg method. I always have problem with incorporating flour into the whole egg method. I am sure to have lumps of flour in the cake (Can see the white spot on my cake) For texture I prefer the separate egg method. The cake yield is always soft.

RG's Banana Cake. I half the recipe and baked in a 7.5' cake tin. Baking time 35mins can be extened another 5mins

Can you see the white spots? That are all lumps of flour which I failed to mix

福田淳子Banana Chiffon Cake. I'm using 17cm recipe on a 20cm baking tin. I have also increased the banana pureen to 130gm (org 80gm) The cake is not tall.
* Personal note RG's Banana Cake ~~~ amount of sugar can be reduce to 240gm (Org 300gm). As for the chiffon cake, sweetness is just right. No adjustment needed.

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