Friday, August 13, 2010

Cheese and Lemon Chiffon Cake

To finish off the Meiji cheese I attempt on the Cheese & Lemon Chiffon Cake from the Chiffon book I just bought. Though the reciepe call for cream cheese I simply replaced with the same amount of Meiji Melting Cheese. I baked the 20cm version recipes which called for 5 egg yolks (large) and 8 egg whites (large). However, I find the batter is kind of too much for the tin. As a result the top portion of the cake is slightly dense and not airy (too heavy? ) I also need to extend the baking time by about 12mins and covered the top of the cake to prevent it from getting burnt further... do you measure your chiffon tin? From the top or base. For my case I measure the top which is 20cm. The egg size I used is 65gm. Or is the egg size that is cosider too big? Hee....maybe my dear blogger guest can help me solve the problem. =) Pls share with me. Much Thanks!

Recipes (180c for 40 mins 20 cm tin)

160g cream cheese

130gm sugar

5 eggs yolk (large)

25g oil

25g lemon juice

70g milk

2/3 t lemon rid

130g cake flour

2/3 t baking powder

8 egg whites


1) Cream the cheese with 1/3 of the amount of sugar

2) Add one yolk at a time, follow by oil, lemon juice, milk, lemon rid.

3) fold in flour (sieve with baking powder) and the batter should be smooth

4) whisk egg white, add sugar and whisked till stiff peak

5) removed 1/3 of white into (3) and fold to form a smooth batter

6) pour (5) into remaining whisked whites and fold. Ensure whites is well cooperated into the batter and DO NOT over fold and inflate the whites

7) Pour (6) into baking tin at a height and bake

8) invert cake and unmould only when the cake is cool


DG said...

I normally measure the pan from the top part as well, and the egg that I used and prefer a big one, min. 65g.

For my understanding, I think 20cm is normally for 3-5 eggs, so when you bake more than 5 eggs, you need at least 23cm, because the cake need more room to rise evenly. It's time to buy another one ... hahahaha ...

I'm glad to see your chiffon have brown skin now, which I still cannot master it until now.
Which degree are you using? And how long?

Jess @ Bakericious said...

the chiffon is nicely baked and looks yummy

Bakertan said...

Hi Fatmum,

I checked out my chiffon tins which are supposed to be 21cm and 25cm chiffon tins. Measured them from the top and it was correct.

Usually, I will use refer to 5 yolks, 5 whites recipes for my 21cm tin (I always use 55-60g eggs). That should be suitable for 20cm pans also. 8 egg whites seemed to be too much.

FATMUM said...

DG, when I see the batter I know is too much for the tin but I simply poured all into the tin....thinking that the book shld not be wrong haha..(this is what I called follow blindly) Thanks for sharing the info with me. =) ya....finally can see the skin intact i used 180c for 52mins. But top is gettng burn so got to use baking paper to cover half way through the baking process. As for new baking tin....think my cupboard got no more room for them haha...

Jess this chiffon has a light lemon taste and the cheese is not too strong. Hee...the burnt part is hide at the base =)

Thanks for sharing the information with me. btw jst want to say your baking skill has improved tremendously. Well done!

hanushi said...

Hi Fatmum,

I baked using this author's matcha chiffon cake using 20 cm recipe (5 yolks, 7 whites recipes). I used 55g eggs with shell and a 21-cm pan (measured from top).

The cake was the best risen among all my chiffon bakes.

Agreed with you that the book was mostly torn from the library. Sigh. Hence I did not see this recipe from the library. Glad to see it from your blog. :)

FATMUM said...

Thank Hanushi for sharing with me your baking experience. In this case I guess the egg size I used is of the XL frame (65gm with shell) hahah....The book I borrowed the other time have this page missing too.

hanushi said...

Hi Fatmum,

You are most welcome. Just sharing with you my humble experience as I always fail at chiffon while the matcha chiffon cake from the author is the best one so far.

Hope to see more bakes from you and successful stories. :)