Monday, October 5, 2009

Panda Bread & Stuff crust pizza

This is under my to do list after I saw bake a story posting. The original recipe is from Taro Taro and a blogger Florence was kind enough to translate it. I was attracted by the cuteness of the bread...PANDA. Instead of using my KA to mix the dough, my niece 33 thought me the manual method. Lots of throwing involved and at the end of the day my arm was aching. Maybe I'm too greedy cos I did a pizza follow by this panda bread. Not sure if I will use the manual method again....hubby commented that 厉害就好,不要假历害 :(

Panda Bread

Stuff Crust Pizza


DG said...

Your Panda bread really looks like Panda. Actually this bread also inside one of my to-do-list, but looking at the steps need lots of effort. Is it difficult to do this?

ERON said...

Its very cute. 加油!

Blessed Homemaker said...

Your panda bread is so cute! I've seen it in Florence's blog and it's also on my To-Do List (but my list just gets longer each day).

FATMUM said...

not difficult at all. Do give it a try. Like you I find the panda cute and that push me to attempt on it.

Eron & BH

bigheadmagicmad said...

Your blog is wonderfully. I'll be back to look for more recipes. Thanks for sharing.

FATMUM said...

BHMM, welcome to my humble blog =)