Saturday, October 17, 2009

Green Tea Chiffon Cake

I used the green tea powder bought from JB....find the green and taste are not strong enough. Unlike the previous attempt on another recipe, which can still see a slight dull green colour. This recipe only asked for 6gm so not sure if it has got to do with amount that call for it. Anyway I like this recipe as the result of the bake is not so sweet. This recipe yield only 2 Daiso size chiffon pan. Alternatively, can use a 6' chiffon pan. Recipe from 戚风+海绵 轻蛋糕77种. Btw my chiffon is still skinless.

Green Tea Chiffon Cake 6' chiffon pan 180c @ 30mins

Set A

50gm egg yolk (I used 3 small egg yolks @ 45gm)

37gm sugar (I Used 30gm)

Set B

58gm flour

6gm green tea powder

Set C

30gm oil

30gm milk

little salt

Set D

80gm egg whites ( I used 3 small eggs Whites @ 105gm)

35gm sugar (I used 30gm)


1) Whisk (A)

2) Add (B) & (C)

3) Whisk (D)

4) Take 1/3 of (D) and mix into (2), once well mixed, add the rest of (D)

5) Fold in the batter. Avoid over mixing.

6) Pour into non grease mould and bake

7) Overturn the cake and allow to cool before unmoulding

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