Saturday, October 3, 2009

Orea Cream Cake & Hazel nut Cream cake

Orea Cream Cake
Hazel Nut Cream cake

L came over to my place last night to bake cake. We settle for something easy to whip up. Surprisingly, we baked these 2 cakes within 4 hours. Hope she enjoy the fun of baking and of course the cake.


Anncoo said...

Are these cakes come with cheese cream? So yummy!

Li Shan said...

Wow.. look yummy.. can share the recipe? Thanks

Sherynn Tay said...

美美lor!! check with u, will the finger sponge stay upright till the next day? told u b4 rite? that my finger sponge collapse the next day :(

DG said...

Hi Fatmum,

Your cakes looks so beautiful :)
And wishing you and your family A Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

cherry potato said...

Your cakes looks so beautiful & nice. Great job.

LSY said...

Thank you LH for lending me your place to bake the cakes. The hazelnut cream chocolate cake tastes good! It's not too sweet, just nice... All my friends enjoyed the cake very much and they were eyeing the other Oreo Cream cake too... =)

FATMUM said...

Thanks all. Think my friend L did a gd job.

Anncoo its fresh cream :)

LiShan, thanks for visiting. Which one u keen?

ST, check with my friend. Its still standing :)

DG, thanks for your well wishes

MF, thanks :)

LSY, 不客气