Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have google for kaya recipe and settled down the recipe from 人生加油站. I have almost everything at hand. I have reduced the amount of sugar to suit my taste. However my kaya turn out not very smooth but still is spreadable. Perhaps got to do with the modification I have made.

Ingredients (modified)

3 eggs

160gm fine sugar ( think can reduce further to 140 -150gm)

2 tsp molasses sugar

120ml coconut milk (I used packet type)

6 leaves of pandan leaves (cut)


1) Using double boil method. In a saucepan stirred eggs, sugar & molasses sugar till melt.

2) Sieved (1) using a strainer

3) placed pandan leaves into (2) stirred the mixture

4) add coconut milk and stirred till thicken

5) Remove pandan leaves

5) cool (4) before storing into bottle


annann said...

hello! I'm annann from 人生加油站.frist time drop by to ur blog. u say that ur kaya turn out not very smooth,maybe is because the method add in coconut milk, next time u try to add in slowing,or u can separe it to 4 to add in.(希望你不见意我的鸡婆。)

Quinn said...

Dear Fatmum Baking,

You might wanna try mine:


It's cheating but it's smooth, both texture and taste wise were not compromised.


FATMUM said...

annann, 欢迎光临。一点都不鸡婆,非常谢谢你的意见。有空常来我家坐坐:)

Quinn, will try out your recipe once my batch of kaya run low. Thanks for visiting my blog :)