Friday, September 10, 2010

Osmanthus Scrambled Egg 桂花炒蛋

I have a packet of Osmanthus (桂花) in my cupboard. When I saw Wendy from Table for 2 or more posted the above recipe I was attracted by it. As I read on the Osmanthus used at all. =) Nonetheless, I am still eager to try out this recipe. Thanks Wendy for sharing. The next dish that I would like to try out will be her Easy Creamy Curry Chicken.
These are the ingredients needed: Carrot, onions, black fungus, spring onion, chilli, crab stick, vermicelli & eggs.


wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Hi hi!!!

How's the dish? OK?
Hope you liked it.

FATMUM said...

Thanks its nice. I cooked this and my boys had many serving. =P