Saturday, September 11, 2010

Custard Charcoal Pingpi Mooncakes 奶皇黑炭冰皮月饼

I love the colour contrast. This have to serve chill else I find it bit soggy. Will add corn to the custard filling. Using the mould I have the ratio is Skin:Filling 25gm:25gm. The mini one have corn added to the filling and are only 20gm each so its 10gm:10gm. Just pop one in the mouth and you are done. =) Best serve chill.

Recipe adapted from Y3K cookbook 冰皮月饼


80g cooked glutinous flour

30g cooked corn flour (I used cooked plain flour)

40g icing sugar (I used 35g)


30g shortening, 30g liquid glucose (I used corn syrup)


1/2 t charcoal powder

125-150ml water (I used ice water)

Custard filling

Set (D) (mixed together and strained the liquid)

40g custard powder (Sieved)

10g milk powder (Sieced) (No milk powder I replace with creamer)

125g fresh milk, 50g water ( I used UHT milk)

Set (E)

40g sugar ( I used 35g)


20g butter, 1/4 t vanilla essence


1) Skin: combine (A) & (B) together. Add (C) and knead into smooth dough

2) cover dough and rest in fridge for an hr or overnight

3) Custard filling: Combine (D) & add (E) into a pot. Cook over low heat, stirring at all time till thickened.

4) turn off heat add (F). Mix well. Set aside to cool

5) Start to mould.

Note from book: This recipe is for mould that can hold 50gms. Always work on the ration of 60% skin weight and 40% filling weight. Do not overwork on the skin else it will toughen. ( My ratio is slightly different 50%)


annann said...


FATMUM said...

Yes I like the colour contrast =)

DG said...

Pretty Pingpi mooncakes! And beautiful colour combination too!

Jess @ Bakericious said...

the color contrast is so beautiful, black & yellow combination is the most eye catching colors in color chart :)

Bakertan said...

Hi fatmum,

these black snowskin mooncakes are very unique. I bet even most hotels have'nt thought of making the skin black.

I will be making mooncakes this week for the very 1st time. Hope it turns out good.

cheers =]

hanushi said...

Your mooncakes look pretty. Nice colour combination.

I never taste charcoal powder before. How does it taste like? Hehe... :)

Anonymous said...

how do u cook the flour?

cherry potato said...

我也试过这个食谱, 味道满不错的. 只是我没有用到竹炭粉,因为这里没得卖.

FATMUM said...

Thanks DG. Your mooncakes are also beautiful!

Agree with you =) really eye catching!

All the best in your first mooncake attempt. Am sure you can do it!

its actually tasteless but more for the blackie colour.

my glutinous rice flour is already cooked when bought. But to cook plain flour you can
1) pan fry at low heat or
2) pour the amt on a dry baking pan then placed in preheat oven of 160c, stir occasionally till it release a fragrant smell.

I bought mine from JB thought it is widely available in MY. I have added corn to the remaining custard and it taste even nicer.