Sunday, September 5, 2010


I bought this book 专业面包甜品制作 from a bookshop at 百胜楼 quite sometime back. Therein a snowskin mooncake recipe which I thought was quite unique. Strawberry/Blueberry Cheese snowskin mooncake. Lots of preparation work but am curious how the taste will be like with cream cheese added.

Am a lazy person so thinking that I can just do some short cut to everything. I replaced the fruits to mango since I have 5 sitting in my fridge. I prepared the jelly according to the recipe but it did not turn out as it is. It did not curd like jelly as a result I can't even wrap it. As for the outer filling, the recipe used green bean paste + cream cheese which I think is a hassel to prepare the former. Hence I used store bought lotus paste. I used my KA to cream the 2. Not sure if I have over done with the creaming it become oily and soft like tofu.

Nontheless I go ahead with the wrapping. Along the way I added this (oreo) and that (Raisins soaked in rum) a result the taste become complicated =P But Alden has show support to me. He say its nice haha...=) Thanks to my dear son.

I will show the original recipe here. My dear blogger friend, if you try out the recipe pls let me know how it taste like.



70g cooked plain flour
100g cooked glutinous rice flour
30g shortening
170g strawberry juice/milk ( I used 185g mango pureen with mango juice)
100g icing sugar ( I used 80g)
cooked glutinous rice flour for dusting and coating
~ mix in a bowl, knead to smooth, wrap in food cling. Refrigerate for 15mins

120g Strawberry jelly/blueberry juice ( I used mango pureen)
12g sugar
7g corn flour
14g water
~boil juice and sugar in pot. Add corn flour water and stir till boiling. Pour in flat basin and refrigerate to coagulate. Upon coagulation, cut into cube

Green Bean Paste
200g Crosscut green bean
40g oil
80g sugar
12g corn flour
20g water
~ cook green bean itll soft, press into sieve to make it to smooth bean paste
~ stir fry bean paste with oil in low heat till thick. Add sugar to fry again
~cooked until it is firm and corn flour water and stir fry. set aside to cool

Cheese filling
250g cream cheese
350g green bean paste from above
50g icing sugar
100g dried strawberry/dried blueberry
~soften cream cheese in room temperature. Add bean paste and icing sugar, stir till smooth
~ add dried berries and mix well. Refrigerate to chill and divide equally
According to your mould. Wrap jelly with cheese filling follow by snowskin. Coat with cooked glutinous rice flour and press into mould.


Blessed Homemaker said...

I like your moulds, nice! I've not started on my mooncakes making yet :P

FATMUM said...

BH, these are egg moulds =) bought too many so must justify the use haha....

ms chan said...

very nice hello kitty egg mould, may i know where to buy?

FATMUM said...

Hi Ms Chan, I got it from this online shop or

Mimi's Workshop and Kitchen said...

I like your moulds. they look so cute. I wish I can make some moon cakes like you did for my family. Thanks for your sharing.

Would you explain "cooked corn flour or cooked plain flour" in your moon cakes recipe - any inputs would be much appreciated

FATMUM said...

Hi Mimi
to prepare cook plain flour
1) pan fry at low heat or
2) pour the amt on a dry baking pan then placed in preheat oven of 160c, stir occasionally till it release a fragrant smell.