Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tang Zhong UFO Buns

My CC Class UFO buns did not make use of the Tang Zhong mixture. When I chance upon this recipe which is meant for another bread, I decided to do an experiment on it. The bread is verrrry soft and I have difficulty wrapping the custard in the dough. Think this bread can go 'kosong'. As for the crust, I decided not to add too much butter (I used only 30gm) as a result, it don't have the melting effect that cover the whole bun.

Tang Zhong UFO buns

Set A (For making Tang Zhong)
15gm bread flour
80gm water

Set B (For making the main dough)
200gm bread flour
40gm brown sugar
1/4 tsp salt
20gm water
3gm Instant yeast
50gm milk

Set C
15gm unsalted butter

Set D (For custard filling-Optional)
1 egg yolk
20gm sugar
7gm plain flour
100gm milk
drops of vanilla essence

Set E (For crust)
50gm soft butter
35gm brown sugar
15gm egg
50gm plain flour
1/2 tbsp instant coffee
some almond

1) Prepare Set A and set aside for an hr in the fridge by mixing the flour and water and cook in low fire till thicken. Cool before placing in the fridge. Rest for at least an hr before use.

2) Mix (1) into Set B (except butter) and mixed into a smooth dough. Add butter after dough is smooth. Beat at low speed for butter to be mixed into the dough. Increase the speed and beat till shiny and do the window test.

3) Cover the dough with cling wrap and rest in a warm place for 80mins

4) Prepare the custard filling. Cream egg yolk and sugar till creamy or turn pale. Add flour and mix well. Pour warm milk to mix. Sieve the mixture and bring to boil using low fire. Add vanilla essence and turn off fire when mixture become curdy. Cool for later use.

5) Weight the dough and divide into @ 8 pcs. Weight of each dough depend on the overall weight after the 1st proving.

6) Rest cut dough for 10-15mins. Shape and fill with custard. Rest dough again for 2nd proving @ 25mins or when dough double its size

7) Prepare Set E. Cream butter and brown sugar till creamy add egg and mix well. Add instant coffee powder and plain flour. Mix well and set aside.

8) Pipe (7) on the proved dough and spinkle almond. Baked at 200c (Oven should be warm up for at least 15mins before use) for 13-15mins.


kim said...

Thanks for your receipe for the UFO bread. Just wonder will your crust get "wet" & sticky on the next day? Many thanks!!

FATMUM said...

Hi Kim,

Got no chance to keep till next day....but i supposed it will cos its a mixture of soft butter and other ingredient so if not keep in fridge it will somehow melt? But I may be wrong also....(",)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fatmum,

There's no butter mentioned in (B). Can u pls advise how much shd we use.

Thks alot!!

FATMUM said...

Hi hi, I miss that. Thanks for pointing out. Its 15gm unsalted butter. Cheers!