Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baking Lesson: Tiramisu Cream Cake

I like the side decor. Sweet with the dots!


Anonymous said...

Hi LH,

Very nice!!! May I know where can I buy sponge mix? or can use your cocoa sponge cake recipe for the side??

See Peng

FATMUM said...

SP, my apology made a mistake. I bought the 'Bake King' optima sponge mix.

Anonymous said...

Thanks LH.:) Btw, how many days can the cake keep in fridge? will the sponge cake turn hard or dry easily as the cake din cover by any mousse or cream?


FATMUM said...

the tiramisu can keep in the fridge for abt 3 days. I kept it in a plastic cake tray so far so good.