Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kueh Lapis

My Sil asked me if I can teach her how to make Kueh Lapis over the weekend. While at my home, I realised that she bought the wrong type of milk. Instead of condense milk, she brought along with her the evaporated milk. Lucky my neighbour came to my rescue and I borrow a can from her....when I was happily opening up the can, I realised that I have misplaced my bottle of cinnamon spice...how??? I tried my luck by calling PY hoping she have some but too bad she don't have either......then I recall my instructor is conducting class nearby. Without much delay I quickly asked J to send me to the CC and bought the gingerbread spice from him. Thanks to J! Though not too smooth sailing during the preparation phase.....Phew....both of us managed to finish the kueh after 3 hours in the kitchen! But the result is satisfying. I hope my Sil have pick up some baking skill!

Other then making Lapis, I decided to make her a swissroll. Hmm...not too sure what went wrong but I find the texture kind of weird!! But still edible! Oh...must mentioned about the box...this was lugged back by PY fromThailand! Thanks to PY!!!

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DG said...

I really salute you. You got so many rescuers to bake this set of kueh lapis. I'm sure the lapis will taste delicious with everyone efforts to make it success. :)