Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cartoon Bao: Doraemon, Kitty and Elmo

Are they cute? I bought the book because of the cute cartoon character found in it. Make an attempt and the children love it. Chocolate filling

Lotus filling

How to make the whisker =)

The remaining of the red dough used to make the nose has turn into Elmo =)

Recipe from Mr Lee Kian Seng (Chinese Buns 包好吃)

Set (A)

300gm Hong Kong Flour

5g instant yeast

5g baking powder

70g sugar * I reduce to 55g

3g shortening

120ml water

some blue & red colouring

black sesame


400g chocolate cream *or any filling you would like to have


1) mix Set (A) except colouring, knead till smooth.

2) prepare blue/white/red dough. * better to use a water base colour and knead into dough.

3) prepare a smaller white and a bigger blue dough. Flatten the dough with rolling pin. wrapped filling with the white facing out and sealed. roll smaller white for eye and red for nose. Then use a tweezers to make the whisker and stick sesame seeds

4) let rest for 30mins

5) steam over high heat for 5mins


Wen said...

Doraemon is so well done! So cute!

annann said...

Very Cute!!

Blessed Homemaker said...

So cute!

DG said...

Very Cute!!!

hanushi said...

The doraemon ones are so adorable and so alike!! Hehe... :)

Bakertan said...


I have an award for you =]

annann said...

I have an award for you, please come to collect from my blog

Anonymous said...

Hello, Fatmum.

I came across your blogspot because I was looking for recipes for steam cake. I was at Narita Airport last week, bought a box of melon steam cake, and the taste was heavenly. I got hooked!

I love making bao, too. You wrote that you bought a cartoon bao book. I would like to know if it is printed in English because I would like to try to make them, too.

Thank you!

Ah Tze said...

wow! This need lot of effort to make the carton bao, they are lovely and cute!

hushiaupeng said...

where u get the book.. my child like doraemon..i think to do this bao for her...

CaThY said...

simply too cute to be eaten! :)

FATMUM said...

Thanks Wen, Annann, BlessedHomemaker, DG, Hanushi, BakerTan, AH Tza & Cathy.

Hi anonymous & hushiaupeng if you still reading my blog =) sorry for not updating here...Yes the book is in both English and Chinese and I got my copy from Popular Singapore.

BakerTan and Annann thanks for the award