Sunday, April 3, 2011

Honey Bun

I saw this piggy burger from a bento book I bought recently and decided to embark on it. So in order to make that set of bento I need to have small bun. As usual, I started to surf many food blogs and decided to bake this since I have all the ingredients in the fridge. Recipe from 星厨房 Honey Bun.

300g bread flour

30g egg

45g honey

3g salt

5g instant yeast

165g milk

30g butter


1) mixed all ingredient except butter

2) make into a stretchable dough and placed in butter

3) pass the window test and allow 60mins for 1st proofing or double its size

4) press the dough to allow air to be released and cut into required size and rest for 10mins

5) Wrap filling into dough ( I omit this step since I making plain bun)

6) 2nd proofing for 40mins

7) egg wash the bun

8) baked at 150c for 20mins

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Anonymous said...

hello! can i just ask where do you get you baking materials from? i have no ideas where those more 'professional' baking stuffs could be found, it will be great if you can share the address! thanks! :)