Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting lazy

Oh.... for more then a month I did not log on to my blog!!! Sign of laziness....on the other hand I am so into facebook..... as a result I am neglecting my blog....aiya...getting no discipline....

Anyway during these absence period, I'm still very much into baking...something which I can't stop totally =) just that I bake lesser these days and bake mostly during weekends.

I am also into bento making for my girl . This is not an easy task but I try my best to learn from blogs and books. I hope I can sustain this 'bentoing' but for how long I have no idea....cos I have to wake up as early as 5am then rush everything by 630am and to leave home by 645am.....rushing like mad right? But when my girl and boy told me that they love the food I prepared for them...I think its just worth it =)

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