Sunday, January 23, 2011

Homemade soya drink

I bought a new blender brand 'U-like'. The sales lady demonstrate on who to use the blander. The 2 blader are meant for grinding dry food stuff such as anchovies to fine powder while the 4 bladers is meant for wet food such as mincing meat. The blander also come with a jar with a inner filter. This is meant for straining and can be used for extracting pandan juice and making soya drink . I have tried out both and it is so easy to use and wash.

For soya milk: Soak the bean overnight or at least 5 hrs. Placed 3 Tbsp of soaked beans into container and filled it with about half a cup of water and start grinding. Repeat the process until you used up the soaked beans. Once done, strain the mixture again using a cloth ( I don't have such cloth so I used tea bag). Boil the soya drink and add sugar to taste. I will make this again but not on my working days or till I get a cloth meant for such.

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