Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fresh Fruits Tart

I like the crust for these fresh fruit tarts. Yummy! Will defintely bake it again but I will need to make the crust thinner. * Ashly insist to be my model =)

170g bread flour
170g plain flour
227g butter
76 icing sugar (sieve)
1/2 egg

1) Bring butter to room temperature.
2) Cream butter and icing sugar at high speed till white and smooth
3) add egg and cream till smooth
4) Sieve bread flour and plain flour into mixture and mix till smooth
5) wrap mixture with food cling and refrigerate till chill and not sticky.
6) baked at 180c for abt 15 mins or tart turn golden brown

Custard Cream
250g cold milk
100g instant custard
150g fresh cream

1) Whisk cold milk and instant custard at max speed till thicken
2) whipped cream
3) add instant custard with cream

Some fruits/peaches.

100g Apricot gel with 80ml water. Brush on fruits

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