Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend bakes

Bake this cake for my cousin JC! Got to trouble him to come to my house and pick it up! I stick the almond flakes piece by piece. Though its time consuming but I love the result.

As this is only a 6' cake, I have the remaining cake batter bake into cuppies. I can't resist not to try on elmo after seeing one of the blogger Mrs Teng baked the sesame street theme cuppies for her twin girl. Her piping skill is jst great! Mine is no way to compare and I cheated using piping gel! So happen that I chance upon Mr Fadli Halim blog with elmo & spongebob cuppies and I book mark it and tell myself that I should try it one day! Too bad I can't read Malay else I would have gotten his book too. He is also good in fondant!

As for the sunflower oreo cuppies...guess what...I learnt it from youtube! There are lots of clips which I have yet to finish and try many things on the want to do list...never ending........


DG said...

I like the design of your cake and the almond flakes ... they are very neat very nice :)

FATMUM said...

DG thanks. I actually stick the almond piece by piece! Love the end result!