Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chocolate Peppermint Cheese Cake

Finally get to use the peppermint paste bought sometime back. A refreshing cheese cake and nice colour combo. Recipe adopted from Kevin Chai 我和芝士蛋糕的秘密


Anonymous said...

Hi FatmumBaking,

Could i have the ISBN of this book please :)

Many thank you hor :)

Jill form Penang

Sherynn Tay said...

wah! 是美的lor! ;-P''''

FATMUM said...

Hi Jill, the ISBN no is 978-983-3641-28-4

ST, Thanks thanks. Can't wait to try out the other recipes from the book

ERON said...

Hi Fatmum, your baking skill has improve tremendously..Keep it up!!

Christine said...

Hi! Fatmum,
You can bake very well also, I'll visit you very often.

FATMUM said...

Eron, thanks for the compliment. Still got lots of room for improvement. Richard's class defintely helps in my baking journey.