Monday, February 16, 2009

Hazelnut Macarons

I still have 2 packets (Hazelnut & Pistachio) prepacked of Macarons ingredients left in the fridge. I just need to add castor sugar and egg whites. I didn't bother to sieve the grind ingredients again. Lucky it still turn out good. Now I'm only left with Pistachio to 'play' with. Its not a bad idea to prepack the grind nuts for a lazy person like me, save me lots of washing....
Hazelnut Macaron
30gm hazelnut powder
30gm almond powder
80gm icing sugar
25gm castor sugar
50gm egg white
Ganache Filling
50gm Chocolate
25gm Whipping Cream


Hj said...

"A lazy person like me" ? You? Lazy?

A lazy person would have simply bought macarons from a bakery.

You know, like mua. Hee.

FATMUM said...

Hj,let me see when I can pass some to you to test test keke...btw Bakerzin is having offer this month @ $1 each.