Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baking Lesson

White Fruit Cake. Instead of making it into loaf, Mr Goh make use of muffin cup.

Orange Mousse cake. See how the side of the cake was done. Mini swiss roll was used. To make the cake smaller and fits into the ring, simply cut the cake into half and slice off @ 1 cm.
Blueberry Crumble Pie. The filling can be replaced with apple or strawberry. Chocolate Mousse Cake. See the first left picture? This is how the piped chocolate is paste around the cake. A point to note is the piped chocolate should not be left too long @ 2-3mins to set in the fridge before coating it on the cake else it will break easily. The same technique can be used on cartoon cake i.e to outline the cartoon using melted chocolate. Thereafter lay over the cake and filled with piping gel.


cherry potato said...


I got no chance to attend baking class at Singapore but I attended Anna Phua's Baking class when she came to Sabah. Can share your recipes with me or we can exchange some recipes?

My email add:mingfungchin@gmail.com

FATMUM said...

Hi Cherry potato, thanks for dropping by. Which are the recipes you keen with? Anyway this is my first time attending baking course at community center and am glad that I got a chance to attend my instructor Mr Richard Goh class. Its also much cheaper since there is no hands on. I'm always looking forward to my class.

Hj said...

Do you get to eat them at the end of the class do you get to eat them at the end of the class do you get to eat them at the end of the class?


FATMUM said...

Hj, yap the students will share the cost of the bake and each have a set to bring back home. Want to join me? (",)

Anonymous said...

Hi, would you be able to post the recipe for Richard Goh's white fruit cake?

Thanks, Kate.