Thursday, July 15, 2010

West to North

Irene left a note in FB that she wants to learnt baking from me. Well, I am no expert so I invite her over to 'play' rather then to teach. Along with Irene is Emily which I think I have not met her for almost 14 years. The last time I saw her is probably when we graduated from the academy. Glad to have the ladies with me. Together we whipped up these 2 bakes. I hope the ladies have enjoyed the session! Just to add on...never use strawberry with chocolate sponge they just don't really click! Banana is still the best!

Fresh Fruit Cake (Recipe from Amy Heng 好吃的蛋糕 but I did not follow the recipe to the dot and made some changes to it)

Chocolate & Strawberry Roll (Recipe from 孟老师) Baking time 15mins can see the skin is intact! Yeah!

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