Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fruit Yogurt Cake

I remember browsing through a cook book with a fuss free yogurt cake recipe. I made a comparison with the fruit pastry cake and the ingredient used are quite similar. The difference are yogurt cake uses more yogurt, less eggs and use melted butter. I made an attempt of the yogurt cake and top it with the fruits that I have for the pastry cake. Can't tell the difference right? :) I tried both and I think yogurt cake gave a moist cake texture compare to the pastry cake.

For this cake I half the recipe and baked @160c for 40mins in 6' round pan

Recipe from ( 5 个不失败甜点方程式,by上田悦子)
Yogurt Cake
200gm cake flour
1tsp baking powder
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
150gm sugar ( can be reduced to 120)
200g original flavor yogurt
1 egg
some rasins (I omitted this and replaced with the fruits at the top)
100gm unsalted butter (melted @40-45c)

1) Grease tin, lay layer of baking paper at base. Toss with flour and remove excess flour
2) mix egg & yogurt
3) add sugar, flour (sieved with BP & BS), add raisins and mix.
4) add melted butter and blend with hand whisk
5) ready to bake

* Her original recipe uses 2 nos of 14 x 23cm tin which yield very tin layer of cake. She baked at 180c & baked for 4~5mins till top turn golden brown. Covered with foil and baked for another 2mins. Cut into 8 equal slices and each slice 148kcal.


Jess @ Bakericious said...

Hi fatmum, looks so yummy too! which version you prefer compared to the original fruits pastry cake?

FATMUM said...

Hi Jess, as the piece of fruit pastry cake I have was actually baked in a cuppie (the balance I have made for the 2 loaf) I find it bit dry. Am not sure if it was baked too long together with the loaf. While the yogurt cake is slightly moist so I prefer the yogurt :) Perhaps you would like to try out too and see which one you prefer :)

DG said...

Seems now everyone is baking cake using fruit. Very tempting to do that ;) .... Your decoration on top of the cake made the cake looks real yummy.

FATMUM said...

DG should give it a try. Simple and presentable as a gift to friends :)

Hearty Bakes said...

Hi fatmum, i would have met you if i continued to creaming class. That was how i got to know our baking pal, Esther :)
I like the Fruit pastry cake very much and happy to find out another alternative recipe. Thanks for sharing!

FATMUM said...

Hi HeartyBakes thanks for dropping by! Well perhaps we can meet up for a masak session with Esther :)