Saturday, July 3, 2010

Banana Chocolate Fudge Cake

Last week, Hub forward an email to me on a a hands on baking workshop at CSC. After much consideration, I decided to sign up the course. This is my first time attending a hands on workshop. Thereat I met Bee Leng(Doris Sister)!

Find the room kind of too small to accommodate 22 pax of students. Equipment wise, students are not brief ahead on how to use. I saw them holding onto a metal bowl and whisk by a KA machine....can you imagine this? I'm so worried that the machine/whisk will get spoilt and students getting injured! Best part I washed a whisk and left it on my table. After I returned to my table, the whisk is no way to be found!!!! I have no idea who took it but at least have the courtesy to ask. The trainer for this workshop is Ms Cheryl. Overall, still enjoy the workshop.

Some of the tips shared by the trainer:

1) Bicarbonate Soda added to melted choco powder to make the cake darker

2) Soaked banana in lemon juice to prevent it from turning dark

3) oil & milk must be hot when adding into the batter. This will resulted in a softer cake

4) if no corn syrup it can be replaced by same amount of honey


Elysian said...

hi, ur chocolate banana cake look yummy!! i would really love to try, do u mind sharing the recipe?

Anonymous said...

Hi Fatmum baking
Thank you for blogging the workshop. In fact if you do check on the google site, you can see your cake turn out to be the best. The club's coordinator will also take your feedback seriously and try to improve on the equipments. I sincerely hope their improvement will help other hands on lessons as well.
BTW, you have a well developed blogspot. You should try google sites because I find it a lot more organised and allows readers to see all your recipes and postings.
I am going to add your blogspot into my site so that more people can visit your blogspot.

FATMUM said...

Hi Elysian, the trainer is still conducting the lesson so am afraid I cant share with you. Hope you can understand. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

FATMUM said...

Hi Cheryl, Wow..did i leave any traces behind that you managed to located my blog? Hahah..anyway thanks for visiting:)

Sylvia said...

Hi Fatmum,

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your banana chocolate fudge cake looks sinfully good! Which I can bake as good as you do!