Friday, December 4, 2009

Strawberry shortcake

I have done badly on this cake esp the sponge cake. But colleague commented that the cake was nice. Guess they are too kind in their words. Will have another attempt.

Recipe from 自己動手做鬆鬆軟軟的海綿蛋糕

Sponge cake (18cm tin)
2 eggs
70gm sugar
60gm cake flour
20gm melted butter

1) beat eggs & sugar to fluffy at high speed. When about to stop reduce the speed to stablise the batter.
2) fold in flour
3) add in melted butter and fold.
4) Pour batter from a height into a grease mould. Baked 170c for 25mins

Sugar syrup
2 Tbs sugar syrup
1tsp cherry liquor

Making of Sugar syrup
Ratio is 2:1 (sugar : Water) i.e 50gm sugar you will need 25gm water
Boil sugar and water together * can add vanilla pod optional

300ml whipping cream
Cherry liquor 1Tbs

1) whipped cream and set aside in fridge
2) sliced cake into half, brush sugar syrup on the cake
3) spread whipped cream on the cake, lay the strawberry in circular making about 2 inner rounds leaving the centre empty
4) spread some whipped cream and cover another layer of cake
5) Spread remaining cream on cake.
6) Leave in fridge for 2-3hrs before serving


Germsinc said...

is this the one I eat in office

Anonymous said...


It's very lovely cake and looks like Four Leaves cake.Would appreciate if u could share this recipe with me? I wanted to bake this for christmas.

From:Your supporter

FATMUM said...

Wow didn't know I got supporter. Hehe...thanks for your support ya. Ok will try to upload the recipe soon.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you & your family. I love to read yr blog and had tried a few recipes before. Moreover, all turned up very delicious and that is why I am faithful supporter.
from : Your supporter

FATMUM said...

Credits goes to the creator of the recipes. Am glad that you like the recipes too. Hope your strawberry shotcake turns out well :) Cheers!