Friday, December 18, 2009

Short Break

Took a short break from baking. Went over to Cameron Highland, Malaysia with family and Batam, Indonesia with colleague. Weather at Cameron Highland is cooling while Batam is super warm. However have enjoy myself on these 2 trips. Bought some baking stuff from batam...very cheap esp the baking tins. Heart shape, square tin, round tin you name it I bought it hahaha.....I don't have enough hands else sure get even more stuff back.


DG said...

Wouw so shiok heard you shopping baking stuffs at Batam. I have not yet been there yet.

FATMUM said...

Nice place for shopping :. Children clothing sales 50-70% off. I found out the hardware shop only on the last few hrs of the trip. Else would have lug more things back. :)